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🎉 Welcome New Members!! 🎉

  • 15 August 2022
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🎉 Welcome New Members!! 🎉
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Welcome new Sprout Community Hub members! We are so excited you are here!

For everyone tagged as a new member, please introduce yourself in the thread. We would love to hear more about you and why you joined our community!

Tell us about yourself! What industry to you work in? Share what you are excited about over the next month.

Our next community event is August 23rd with Sprout’s Senior Director of Product Management, Nick Nieman. Make sure to RSVP and add the event to your calendar!

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Hi Everyone 👋 My name is Liz Dotson and I’m a Customer Success Manager on the Agency team here @Sprout. Looking forward to meeting everyone!! 

My favorite part about being an Agency CSM at Sprout is: because all of my customers business are different, I’m lucky to work across customers that span a ton of different industries, no day is ever the same 🤗 

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Welcome everyone! So glad you’ve joined us!