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👋 Welcome New Members!

  • 23 January 2023
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👋 Welcome New Members!
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Welcome new Sprout Community Hub members! We are so excited you are here!

For everyone tagged as a new member, please introduce yourself in the thread. We would love to hear more about you and why you joined our community! 

With one month down in 2023, how are you tracking or adjusting your goals?

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I'm Allie 🤓 I’m going from having my own agency for the last 4 years back to working on a team for someone else again this month! It's been an interesting kick-off to the year but I’m happy to be working during normal hours again! 😜

WOW! What a list of new folks. I'm Marcus, and I run a small internal agency for the H. E. Butt Foundation. We are in the process of adopting Sprout (migrating from Hootsuite) to coordinate all of our social messaging to distinct audiences. With one month down, we are prioritizing a smooth transition for everyone who works on the tool, continuing to test our social listening, and building out campaigns and tags that will help us track messages and brands across platforms.

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Welcome Everyone! I’m Laura from Sprout based in Seattle. We are excited you are here!, I highly recommend watching Get Creative with Social Listening, an event I hosted with my colleague @tazi.flory a few months ago. Let us know if you need any guidance in getting acquainted with the platform!

HI everyone! I’m Domi and I’m working from home as a digital marketing specialist/operations manager. I recently moved across the Globe to Australia and it was one of the best decisions I made. 

I’m new to sprout social and overall social listening so I’m pretty excited to learn more about this tool!


Hello! My name is Makenna, and I am the social media manager for a third-party trucking and logistics company. I’ve been using Sprout for a few months now but am excited to learn more. 😄

The new year has been going well so far! I’m interested to see how the social space will look similar or different a year from now, especially when it comes to Twitter, short-form video, and niche social platforms. 

Hi all! My name is Morgan and I work as a social media manager for a biotech company that is currently going through a big transformation. We just switched over to Sprout and I’m getting up and running with reporting and trying to figure out a good tag structure that will work for my international team. Any suggestions on tagging structures are definitely appreciated!

We’re currently reimagining our social ecosystem, which is exciting but a big project, but I’m hoping towards the back half of the year to scale up our production of short form video since that seems to be trending on social lately. 

Hi Everyone, My name is Josh Madej and I’m VP of Social & Digital Marketing for a BioTech agency in Boston. I’ve spent the last 15 years working in marketing analytics and market research, but this is my first time using Sprout. Overall, our team uses Sprout to conduct social audits and competitor analysis, social listening (we’re putting more of an emphasis on this now), content and community management, and reporting. As a former analyst, my goal is to leverage the social data in Sprout, combined with other sources of internal and external data across digital efforts to improve process efficiencies, campaign optimizations and performance and attribution. 

I look forward to connecting!

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Welcome all! You’ve found the right spot. Reach out for everything Community (or anything really) and I’ll try to help.

Thanks, @Andy Hawkins