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👋 Welcome New Members - April 10th

  • 10 April 2023
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👋 Welcome New Members - April 10th
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Welcome new Arboretum members! We are so excited you are here!

For everyone tagged as a new member, please tell us more about in the thread below!

Introduce yourself, introduce your work and share what you’re looking to learn!


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3 replies

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Hello! I’m Laura, Digital Comms Manager at Staffordshire University. I oversee social media for the university and manage a humble team of one part-time Social Media Assistant. 

Looking forward to getting started with Sprout training. Look forward to gaining greater insights to support our path for growth in social media at the university. Will also be fab to meet likeminded individuals working in social. 

Hello! I’m Amanda, Social Media Specialist at Advance Auto Parts. I help oversee Organic Social media for our Advance social channels, as well as some of our partner channels. Looking to learn how people are used the Sprout reports to create insightful, high-level reporting updates, and meet those in the social community! 

Follow me on LN!


I am a Senior Social Media Manager at a small but mighty 💪 Branding + Social Agency in Atlanta, GA. I oversee a team of one - soon to be three - social media managers. Between us, we manage 15+ social clients of varying industries (mostly small businesses). 

As our Agency grows, I am excited to see how Sprout Social can take us to the next level! We asked other Atlanta Agencies which platform was their favorite, and EVERYONE (no, seriously) everyone said Sprout! 

Happy to chat with others in this industry! Connect with me on LinkedIn: