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Hey everyone!

We’ll be launching Advocacy soon and I’m incredibly excited to bring this to our company. One of the ways we plan to use the tool is to position relevant team members as thought leaders in our industry by providing them individualized comms they can more easily and readily share with their networks.

As I’m prepping my deck for the C-suite/Exec team, I wanted to see if anyone had any examples or stats of having done this successfully they wouldn’t mind sharing. Redacted info is fine! I don’t need to know names/companies/industries. I just want to be able to provide examples of orgs who have successfully segmented their Ambassadors.


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Hi @miranda, I wanted to make sure you’ve seen this article:

Employee advocacy stats to secure C-level buy-in.

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Hey, Laura!


Yep. I saw that. I’m looking specifically for examples of the types of content users have shared for thought leadership via Advocacy.

Hi @miranda I took a look at our own President’s LinkedIn feed, as he is an active participant in Sprout’s own Advocacy program. The posts that tend to resonate the most with his audience are the ones that speak to C-level initiatives, such as culture, team, ROI, market opportunity. Here is an example post you could use in your internal conversations. 

Is this helpful?

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Hey, Stephan! Thanks for sending this over. This is definitely more along the lines of what I was looking for as an example piece. If you have any other Sprout thought leaders I can peruse who speak to different topics, I’d love to take a look.

the other Sprout leader I’d check out is our VP of International, Gerard Murnaghan. You’ll notice the same Forrester TEI study that Ryan shared on Gerard’s feed, but with more personalized copy that definitely fits his style. You’ll also see that (like Ryan) he regularly shares our Advocacy content about bigger picture things like culture and partnerships, or big events like the one we recently did with LinkedIn about AI. And I like that both of them incorporate a mix of sharing their own content (via Advocacy) and also reposting the brand page’s content (which you can also do within the Advocacy platform)

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This is super helpful, Stephan! Thank you.