How to manage a toxic social community

  • 15 November 2022
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Hi everyone!

I’ve been managing the social accounts of different brands for the last decade, and I’m coming across a situation I’ve never encountered before.

TL;DR: our company was merged with another, completely changing our product roadmap, much to the disdain of current users (who the product is no longer geared towards). It has resulted in quite the backlash onto our social channels. Every post is met with comments about how awful our product is, how we don’t listen to the customer base, etc.

What are some successful community management tactics you’ve employed when company changes disrupt the community?


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Without knowing specifics, I say if you are attempting to reach an audience it’s probably okay that the audience you’re moving away from isn’t a can’t appeal to everyone. Focus on who you’re trying to serve. Also, be human. If there’s something you can address, feedback you can pass along - social is at the center of the org, so share that data with your leaders and fellow decision makers. Can you address some of those concerns head on by showcasing how you listen? Share content that puts you more on offense than defense. 

I know we have a ton of awesome stuff on the blog around crisis comms and transition comms that are a bit more specific, but hope these general thoughts empower you!


This is all such great insight and suggestions, thank you so much, Rachael!

And yes, we’re attempting to reach a new audience so we understand that the original followership may not be too hot on changes, but they are relentless in letting us know. I try to explain to our internal team that this is a storm we’ll have to wade until the new audience we’re after begins following, but I think that finding content that puts us on the offense. Going to check out the transition comms resource.

Thanks again!