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  • 17 November 2022
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Hi Sprout Agency Partners! I’m currently working alongside an agency navigating a bizarre Instagram Server Error. Has anyone successfully navigated or resolved Instagram Profile Errors like this?


  • When publishing to Instagram, this profile will have multiple failed posts. Sometimes the post error will respond as a media code error meaning that the media is the wrong specs. But, when we run this through other environments, the media publishes fine and follows all of the spec guides from Sprout and Meta
  • Sometimes Meta flags profiles and posts as spam posts, which Sprout recommends adjusting publishing times when posting. The agency has done this and is still experiencing the same barriers.
  • This is one of those scenarios where Sprout is limited on what we can mitigate as a third party and Meta is blaming the use of third-party publishing for the error on their end. 

Has anyone been able to get out of this vicious cycle for Instagram?


Best answer by Jonathan Zuluaga 28 November 2022, 17:11

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2 replies

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Hi @kelsey.martin are you still experiencing this issue? Curious if you’ve been able to connect with support. If not, please let us know and we can pass along this message. 

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Hey @JonathanZuluaga - I’ve worked alongside the agency with support. From their perspective it’s a barrier on Meta/Instagram’s side. Was hoping someone else had successfully navigated these issues and could give some advice.