Strategy, Creation or Both? When Hiring For Social Media Roles

  • 9 August 2023
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I was hired as a Digital Marketing Coordinator many years ago, but that really just meant that I was the one managing social accounts, responding to comments, writing captions, and planning content calendars. I was not a content creator, more of a social strategist. But with how things have shifted I have tried both hiring a social media manager and a content creator and unfortunately neither of them lasted. When hiring for social media roles in 2023 are you seeing a greater trend toward hiring a content creator or someone more strategic? 

2 replies

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It really all depends on your team needs. I have some dedicated roles (community management only) and some hybrid(social/influencer and community/influencer) on my team. Just make sure you’re super clear on the need. If you want someone who creates/designs that does tend to be someone different then your daily social person unless you just want Canva content. Could you be using creators/influencers or the in-house creative team then you may not need to hire a content creator in house.

We have both on staff here at our agency! We have a group of strategists who consult and advise on several social clients and then each client has a dedicated specialist or two, in some cases. Our specialists do create some content but we also have a video and design team who help. It all depends on client needs and budget. I do see a greater trend toward content creators though with platforms like TikTok.