Strategy/tactic when people tag friends in comments?

  • 25 July 2022
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Hi everyone!

For those who are actively social monitoring, when a commenter tags another in their comment, do you respond to those comments? I’m fairly new in the monitoring realm of social (previously was working heavily in content creation, not monitoring) so I’d love to hear some insights. Part of me doesn’t want to interject two (or three) commenter’s conversations amongst our post, but I also want to acknowledge their comment. TIA!


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4 replies

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@lyndsay.nielsen My recommendation is to only add in if it makes sense in the conversation. There are also other times at Sprout we may do so to provide them with links or more details to the discussion they’re having. 

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Thank you for the input! This is helpful. I’m going to use good judgement. 

I personally add a comment thanking the person who commented for sharing.  It acknowledges them and also shows you are active on the platform. 

We typically only jump into a conversation when we’re asked a question. It’s great when a post crates organic replies among your followers and their extended network. I wouldn’t respond just for the sake of it--think about what feels organic. But if you get questions or feel you can shed insight or improve the audience engagement experience, that’s a good time to jump in.