TikTok and Adding Location Tags

  • 15 May 2023
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Super curious if anyone is seeing a difference in views for TikToks when they add a location tag?

Last week I was uploading for a brand and a popup told me, “Get more views by adding a location to this video”.
I was curious if this was true and if anyone is trying this out to bring in more views from a specific region. I could see this being useful in strategies that need to drive store traffic.

2 replies

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I hope you have some folks jump in and help answer with their thoughts! @violeta.venegas, @gregrokisky or @rachael.samuels do you have any thoughts?

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I haven’t seen this specifically with TikTok but I can 100% believe that would be the case, since TikTok does algorithmically target people on the FYP by geography and therefore it might find more relevance for certain folks with a geo-tag and increase discovery of the content!