What CTAs do you have success with on social platforms?

  • 15 November 2023
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Our marketing department is reworking our presence on social, and one thing we are trying to do is increase organic engagement. One item currently being discussed is how improve our copy, specifically, copy CTAs on Instagram. What is working for you? What isn’t working? I’d love to hear success stories as well as ‘failures!’ Thanks in advance!



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Hey Amanda! I work in the retail space and love using simple questions like “what are you hoping to see next?” or “which of these colors would you rock?” at the end of a caption to get people to engage without it feeling like a task. “Tag a friend who needs this [product]” has also worked well for us but can feel more performative so I don’t use this as often. As for CTA’s, our product launches are typically date/time specific so we will say “grab yours on [date/time] only on [website].” Depending on your follower demographics you may want to lead them directly to the link in your bio, but words like “grab yours” or “don’t miss your chance at” have worked well. Hope that helps!

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Going through the same thing. Also newly work for a retail brand, and a lot of the content that they’ve been producing has a hard sell feel. So to combat this, we’re trying to create more content that has shareable messaging, such as “The person who sent you this wants to xx”.  Trying to take advantage of the increasing trend of people communicating directly in the DM’s, sending each other posts, etc.