Capturing Healthcare's Attention (B2B)

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Hi everyone,

I work for an organization that helps healthcare businesses achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. With all the stats and cyberattacks out there, I truly believe the work that we do is important, and we have a super personable and knowledgeable team to help.

I am basically a marketing team of 1. I’ve been posting consistently on Instagram (3-5 x’s per week) for about a year now, keeping content educational and as “relatable” as I can while not working directly in healthcare. We’ve received 3 great leads from Instagram, but growing a following has been incredibly challenging.

  • How do you capture healthcare’s attention in the B2B space?
  • What gets them to care?
  • What are the pain points they’re really looking to alleviate?


Any insight y’all are willing to share would be so appreciated. :) Thank you!

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Who is your main target persona? Risk and compliance? CIO? CTO? Start there and think of where that person consumes social.

Are they on LinkedIn monitoring news about cyberattacks and following along with some of the major healthcare breaches? (vs. Insta)

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Thanks so much for your thoughtful questions, @Sarah Davidson! That’s a fair point. In my experience, I haven’t found healthcare to be on LinkedIn too much. What do you think?

Our target audience are SMB healthcare owners, and the majority of them use Instagram both personally and for marketing, which is why I figured I’d prioritize the platform.