Say hello to your Healthcare Industry Peers! 👋

Say hello to your Healthcare Industry Peers! 👋
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Welcome to the Healthcare Hub, your dedicated space to discuss all your questions, successes, and challenges with folks who understand what you’re going through. 

We are excited you’re here! Say hello in the thread below by sharing:

  • Your name
  • Organization
  • Role
  • Years in the social media industry (and healthcare if it is different)
  • What are you hoping to gain from your peers in this group?

Make sure you’ve joined this group in order to stay up to date with all the latest Healthcare social trends and best practices. We can’t wait to meet you, and see the amazing things we accomplish together!


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Hello, healthcare marketers! Happy to be here. 😊

My name is Anna Laura, I’m a Senior Social Media Manager at Lenz Marketing in Decatur, GA. I’ve been working in social media for 8+ years and joined Lenz in 2018.

Lenz is a HIPAA-certified agency that works primarily with healthcare clients, typically physician-owned speciality practices. In the past 6 years, I’ve worked closely with allergy & asthma, dermatology/aesthetics, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and urology clients. I also oversee two direct reports who cover a handful of other specialties.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone to discuss HIPAA-compliance and social strategy! I’m also pretty active on LinkedIn if you’d like to connect with me there too:

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I’m Jo (Joanna) and I manage enterprise social media for Adventist Health. I’ve been with AH five years now, three in this role, plus quite a few years in health care with a cancer hospital system and public health prior to this. I’m a huge accessibility advocate and also spent time as a graphic designer which has really come in handy in this role too. Social media in healthcare has so many additional layers I’m looking forward to connecting here!

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Hi fellow healthcare social media marketers! 👋

My name is Madison and I’m the Lead Social Media Coordinator at Moffitt Cancer Center. I’ve been working in the social media industry for 6+ years and joined Moffitt a year and a half ago.

I love to unique opportunity to tell the story of a cancer institute. There is so many inspiring and hopeful patient and research stories to share. 💙 I’m a big fan of using short-form video to educate and entertain our audience on social media.

Looking forward to connect with peers in this group! If you’re over on LinkedIn, I’d love to connect there too.


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Hello, Healthcare Hub!  I’m Kimberly Keniley-Ashbrook. I’m part of a two-person team that runs the organic social media efforts at Carle Health, a vertically integrated health system located in Illinois. I’ve worked in healthcare social media for two years, and in social media for 12 years. I’m excited to join the group and to share ideas and insights in the healthcare social space. 

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Hello, Healthcare Hub! I’m Karina Martinez. I’m the supervisor of a three person team who manages the organic social media of UC Davis Health. This includes our Medical Center, School of Medicine, and Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing channels. I’ve worked in the healthcare space 3 years and in social media for 8 years total. Sprout is a new tool for us but something I used at my previous job. I’m happy to see other users in the Healthcare space here! :) 

If you’re looking to connect on LinkedIn, you can find me here:

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Hi everyone! Brian here, the Digital Communications Manager for Vancouver Coastal Health. I’m not sure how many Canadian users are here, but interested to learn the different challenges and strategies used by some of my U.S. peers. I’ve been in Comms and Marketing in a variety of roles, mainly focused on content creation, and have been in social media management roles since 2018. Nice to meet you all.

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Hi everyone! Excited to be a part of this group. My name is Sarah Scroggins and I work for Advocate Health (which is a recent combination of Advocate Aurora Health in IL and WI and Atrium Health in the Carolinas and Georgia). I am the Social Media Director and have been with the organization in total nearly 13 years through two mergers. :) I have worked in health care for 16 years and full-time social for (just shy of )10 years. I am excited to learn from this group on how they are using Sprout to benefit their teams and find efficiencies, and also share practices on all things social! 

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Hello! Looking forward to being part of this community. I’m Dayna Dobias and I am a Social Media Specialist at Advocate Health. As Sarah mentioned above, we recently went through a combination- Advocate Aurora Health and Atrium Health are now Advocate Health. Historically, I have been working on the Advocate Aurora side in Illinois and Wisconsin. I have been in my role with the organization for just over 3 years and previously interned on the team when I was in college. I love Sprout and how much easier it makes so many of my daily tasks. Excited to connect with this community!

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Raven Gill

Communicators Group (Marketing Agency based in New Hampshire) 

Social Media Manager 

6 Years

I’m hoping to connect with others on how to navigate social with the added restrictions we face with privacy policies. Plus how to maintain a level of higher professionalism and still be relatable to younger generations. 


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Hi Everyone! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Lisa and I work for Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer Foundation as the social media manager and am a full stack digital marketer which I use for our program. We are your first stop after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and I have also worked for the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer research and am on the steering committee for World Pancreatic Cancer Day with the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition. 

I have been in healthcare since March 2016. However, I have been working in social media since we called it Digital PR in the early 2000s working for brands like Toyota and GoDaddy when we were trying to figure out how to make money and advertise for brands on the internet. To further get nerdy, I met my late husband in a chat room in January 1998. 

It already looks like I may cross paths with a few of you online in the day to day, but I would love to gain better understanding of your organizations, how we can support and learn from each other, as well as work together. Healthcare social is a small niche spot considering the size of healthcare globally and there is not a lot of opportunity for us to connect. 

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My name is Sarah Davidson.

I’m a social media manager at CHS.

I’ve been in healthcare mar/comms for just over a decade. This will date me, but I created an organization’s first Instagram accounts and did their first Instagram and Snapchat social ads (and yes, the ads were boomerangs).

I’m not sure if most of the group is on the organic side vs. paid, but hoping to gain insight into how others are navigating the highly regulated industry. And also, just connecting with others in the space who know what we’re going through! 

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I am Amy Arnold 
I work for The Ohio State University Medical Center 
My title is Paid Social Media Specialist 
I focus on our paid strategy surrounding our Social media platforms including Meta, Tiktok, Linkedin and X. 
My current role I have been here 5 years. But I have worked in social media for a total of 7 years. 
I am hoping to share insights and gain connections! 

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Hi everyone,

I feel like the elder of the bunch. I’m Robbie Schneider, and I’ve worked in the digital space for healthcare for a long time (since before social media was a thing). But I love helping people and reaching them wherever they are. 

I currently run our small-but-mighty social media team at Franciscan Health, a faith-based healthcare system in Indiana and Illinois. I’m also working on a book on protecting your mental health while working in the social media space. 

I’m excited to get to know others in this unique niche, and I’d love to connect with any of you on LinkedIn as well:

Have a fantastic week!

Robbie Schneider, SMS (she/her)

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My name is Aleixka Block Macfie and I’m the Digital Marketing Strategist for Social Media at VCU Health in Richmond, VA. I’ve been in the social media industry for 8 years (4 at VCU Health).

Looking forward to share insights on paid and organic strategies, brainstorm content ideas, and gain some new connections. 

If you’re on LinkedIn, I would love to connect with you there too. ➡

Hi everyone! 


My name is Makenzie Wilson and I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist at LifeShare. LifeShare is a blood center that serves Louisiana, East Texas, and Southern Arkansas. I manage all of our social media platforms and help my team with any internal and external marketing efforts. I’ve been in the social media industry for 3 years and I’ve been at LifeShare for 1 year. I am excited to gain insight into how different healthcare marketing is, especially coming from the industry of blood banking. While we don’t offer a product to sell, we always hope to see that our audience understands the importance of blood donation and will become a blood donor! 


I would love to share ideas and make connections with anyone in the blood banking industry or hear from anyone who has experience in the healthcare industry! 

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Hi everyone! I’m Kevin Vicker, Social Media and Online Reputation Manager at Children’s Hospital Colorado. I work on both organic and paid, focusing more on strategy than producing content personally. I’ve been with the hospital for 6 years and have worked in healthcare social media close to 12 years. Healthcare has so many unique considerations, and I’m excited to learn more about how others use Sprout amidst healthcare-specific factors. 

Hello! I’m Hannah, I’m a senior communications specialist at The Joint Commission. I’ve been leading our social media for just under two years and I’ve been in healthcare for almost five.

Hoping to see what others are doing on social and perhaps collaborate on campaigns with our accredited organizations when the time is right!

Hello all, 


Derek Medlin here. I’m a marketing and communications content strategist at FirstHealth of the Carolinas, a health system headquartered in Pinehurst, NC.

I’ve worked in digital content and social media for about 15 years (geriatric millenials unite!) and joined the health care industry five years ago.