Airtable or other integrations

  • 9 February 2023
  • 2 replies


Hey all. We were using Airtable to plan out our social editorial cal. We had fields for status (like published, scheduled, etc) as well as the ability to connect specific social posts to other campaign records within Airtable (so that someone could see all the social posts connected to a specific project or campaign). Wondering if anyone has built a process for moving information from Sprout to Airtable. I’m specifically interested in moving Calendar/Content info to Airtable so that more parties in my organization can see what’s being planned, scheduled, posted for various projects. (for context I work at a PBS station, as an example many producers want to see social posts related to their productions). There are probably other ways to think about this so I’m open to hearing how you might’ve solved for this. Would love to chat with you if you have any thoughts. 

2 replies

We’re using AirTable as well for social media planning (or at least transitioning over that way from a SharePoint system) so I’m really interested to see what other people have figured out in terms of AirTable and Sprout and how best to handle that! 

We’re looking into Monday (and will be moving from Google to MS 365 in April) - is there an integration for that one?