Capitalizing on Memes while protecting the brand

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Hi social friends!

Curious how your brands capitalize on trends like the “Little Miss” trend when it involves copyright. We’ve seen a lot of brands jump on the trends, but were advised by our legal council against posting due to copyright of the “Little Miss” brand. Would love to know how you all approach trends/memes when there is copyright involved!

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Truth be told, we won’t use memes unless we take the pictures ourselves of something completely unassailable.  We wont touch music that we haven’t paid for or composed ourselves. Being on trend isnt worth getting dinged by a social channel, or worse yet, a letter from an attorney.

The bigger the company, the bigger the target, and the higher the apprehension.  At the end of the day, why take the risk?

I’d rather get my hands dirty and create something that others might try to make a meme.

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@kelsey.kruzel I’ve seen people reuse memes and credit users. It’s a tricky line because a lot of brands clearly use them but can understand the risk aversion from legal.