Weekly check in! Welcome to the week of February 21st for the Grow your revenue cohort!

  • 21 February 2022
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Hello! It’s the week of February 21st!

This is our weekly check-in! We’ll be using these weekly check-ins as a way for you to stay true to your goals and set up a solid framework for yourself as you track toward your goals. Be sure to check back on Mondays for these threads!

For this first check-in, let’s share:

  • Your name
  • One thing you want to learn from Team Sprout about growing your revenue on social

Other Community happenings

Check out the Introductions & networking megathread for more info on some of the other participants. This cohort is all about connecting, so introduce yourselves and start building together!

If you’re brand new to Sprout or want a refresher, be sure to check out the Jumpstart Group. We offer live onboarding sessions where you can learn alongside others, ask questions to an onboarding professional about your specific scenario, and get your account set up the way you want.

I’ll be sharing more information about the program, so be sure to check back!

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