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Instagram has been a part of Facebook for how many years?

And I still have to give users the email address and password to be able to use app functions and maintain a list of phone numbers for 2-factor authentication. (We have over 40 Instagram accounts)

If anyone has a better idea, let me know! 


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I agree, it’s an annoying process! I rarely have to set up new accounts, so I don’t deal with that as often, but when I have had to its pretty irritating.

At my previous employer, we worked with our IT Security team to implement an enterprise password management platform--LastPass. In addition, we worked with IT to set up designated email addresses and shared mailboxes for each brand. (This solved the two-factor authentication issue.) The email addresses would be something along the lines of,, etc. It was quite a process to implement across the global organization, but I will say that it worked and continues to work to this day, five years later. Hope this helps.

THIS x infinity.