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  • 23 May 2023
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Hi all! As you may know, Facebook requires users to use their personal profiles in order to manage, create, and execute tasks within the business manager and business pages. Do you have any recommendations on how businesses/agencies can set up a personal account that can function as a business admin?


We often find that our external integrations from Facebook like Sprout and other reporting software need to be connect via personal profiles that are admins in our business manager, however, it would be nice if we had an account (personal profile) that we could use across the business in order to establish those connections.  


Please let me know your thoughts and best practices! Thanks in advance :) 


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Hi @dominick.ram,

This is a common question that doesn’t have a specific answer. If you are a certified Agency with Sprout I would recommend sharing this question in the Agency Partners Group to see what other agencies are doing. Someone there might have a good idea for you. I’ve heard of folks creating another personal Facebook profile to manage work accounts, but that could get confusing.

I hope you get some ideas from folks here or in the Agency Group.