LinkedIn Advertising - not reaching full audience

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Hey Arb community! Apologies in advance if there’s already a topic floating around for this, but I didn’t see one. 

I do frequent LinkedIn advertising for my company and I’ve noticed something interesting. Despite having large audience sizes, in some cases 85,000, my ads typically reach <10,000 LinkedIn users. For those that the ads do reach, it is shown to them an average of 7 times. 

Now, I would LOVE if my ads were reaching more people in my target audience. I would also love if I could somehow decrease the frequency that my ads are shown to each user.  So I guess I have a couple questions.

1.) How can I reach more LinkedIn users in my target audience? Do I simply need to increase my budget?

2.) Is there a way to put a cap on frequency? 

Any responses are greatly appreciated! I am still relatively new in my role. Thank you!

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