📣 Social Speak Out: Let's talk 'viral' content and insights!

  • 18 April 2023
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Social media pros, let's lighten up the feed! And let us know  your thoughts on the below…

5 replies

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Would love to hear your thoughts @madison.albanese @Brooke B. Sellas @ama.scriver @Kalee.Williams @social.manager @amyn99 @ben.marcus @chelsea.kunst @amanda.hoffmann @amber.johnson @raven.gill @ashley.zolot @eric_ginsburg!  

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I had a post go viral on Twitter asking if people actually stuck their tongues to batteries to see if they were still good. Apparently, “everyone” has done this. What a weird tweet to go wild … but I definitely did the marketer thing and added a thread with how to sign up for my stuff! 

It now has close to a million views and hundreds and hundreds of comments and retweets. And all of the “Oh, I’ve done that!” people wanted me to do it and video it so they could see. Crazy.


The lesson is: I have no idea how or why things go viral and people are strange.



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@Brooke B. Sellas That is amazing and I’ve never heard of that! Sometimes catchy and out of the blue questions to draw people in!

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I’m not going to lie the word “viral” stresses me out because it’s so unpredictable. We can’t control what will go viral, we have to let the internet do its thing. I think social media managers should educate stakeholders and colleagues on what “viral” really means on social. 


But when a post goes viral, the momentum and excitement are worth the stress. We have tweets and replies that go viral. Our audience loves when we jump in on interesting tech conversations, GIF responses and anything with a partner like Figma goes viral.


Lessons Learned: Educate your stakeholders on the word “viral”,  take risks and know your audience. The more you know your audience the better chance you have reaching viral status.  

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@Kalee.Williams It stresses me out too! I love that piece of advice, I think stakeholders often don’t understand the work behind making something get traction especially if its organic.