Help Needed: Sunsetting Brand Social Accounts

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Question: How do you conduct a mass-sunset of brand social media profiles w/out evoking confusion/hysteria from followers?


Context: Our organization has agreed it is time to mass-sunset a series of social media accounts (currently 114 social media profiles hopefully going down to roughly 60 before the EOY) that were created over the years by numerous dept.’s/teams. These profiles have already been determined to be sunset as they do not serve the brand in any way. Many of them have followers but have not been regularly posted on. These social profiles support an overall brand, but are not the umbrella brand themselves.


Thoughts? Ideas? Questions?


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@shannon.renke Great question! I previously had to do a similar thing at an organization I worked for. My recommendation is to great clear messaging around what’s happening and why and then link or direct those posts to the other page!

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Hi, @shannon.renke!


That is a lot of profiles! I think Jonathan is on the right track; clear messaging to set expectations will be key. There’s no good way to ensure you’ll get EVERYONE following the other accounts but there may be some overlap.


What I did (we previously had 16 Twitter accounts because of the same scenario you mentioned, we went down to 4 and then recently 3) was create that messaging saying something along the lines of: 

“We’re consolidating accounts to bring you a better experience! Please follow us on one of our other accounts / @accountname so you don’t miss [insert value here]. This account will be retired on DATE.”


If you have a social page on your site that lists the other accounts it may be best to link to that, or if there are specific accounts that would make the most sense to follow you can call those out individually.


Hope this helps!


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@jessie.odonnell and @JonathanZuluaga - thank you much for this feedback and advice! I love the insight of leaving a “redirected presence” - not deleting an account but if people search for it, there is a final post pinned that informs followers/users of the decision and why supported by a redirect for a better user experience.