How are agencies handling Twitter/X's rapid changes?

  • 22 August 2023
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There are a lot of changes happening over on Twitter/X, and our digital team is definitely trying to keep up. While we only have a few clients that are active on the platform, we want to figure out how to approach these rapid changes when it feels like it’s just so volatile and something new is happening every other week.

Has anyone considered pausing activity on Twitter/X for themselves or for a client? What are the recommendations others have given when it comes to handling this platform? Did anyone go as far as deactivating completely? 👀

Thanks in advance for any insights!

4 replies

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Thanks for your question @mariah.d! I know @darcy.boucher, @american institute.architects, @mmellander,, @jacqueline.joyner and @josh.hedrick are X/Twitter users. Maybe they can help with your question.

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I’m taking a ‘watch and see’ approach. We are keeping clients on Twitter/X for now but not spending extra time updating logos on client owned sites or pushing any additional content than we normally would. 

I’ve nearly paused all activities on X/Twitter, which is a shame, because it garnered a fair amount of engagement. That said, I don’t know that those same followers are keeping up with X and in general, the climate seems very “wild wild west” and not something I want to keep with a higher ed account. 

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I left agency and went to nonprofit side, but am in nonprofit healthcare. Engaged physicians and patients are on Twitter/X so we’re there and I’m still holding the chat we’ve held once a month since 2016. I try not to get too frazzled about the changes, because eventually, the owner will realize a lot of these things will come back to affect him (like blocked accounts) and his own personal timeline.