Is Twitter now officially "X?"

  • 26 July 2023
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My marketing team is working on a blog post and we usually list our social handles.  We’re in a debate on whether to call Twitter - “X” now.  Anyone have any insight on this?  Professionally, is this “Twitter” or is it “X?”


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I was wondering the same thing @christi.newman! 🤔

This post from Future Social was super helpful in framing the change for me and providing some (calming) tips: 

We have Twitter’s bird logo on our website / product. Do we need to change that?

Sadly, yes, eventually. Don’t rush, though—as mentioned earlier, Elon has changed the X logo twice in 72 hours. He didn’t even have a logo when he announced the rebrand. I don’t want you abandoning your to-do list to update branding that could change 19 more times.

My suggestion: wait until X publishes a proper brand toolkit before you start changing anything, especially since the old Twitter Brand Toolkit is still live. X will likely be known colloquially as Twitter for quite a while.


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Thanks @craig.cordell!  That was really helpful. I also asked PI (Like ChatGPT) and it said along the same lines.  I know Twitter/X just changed their logo (again), so we shall wait and see what the branding kit brings.  

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We’re going with the guidance that was shared above with waiting until we get a brand kit. For materials with short lifespans, like emails, we’re just leaving the bird. For materials with longer lifespans like videos, we’re removing any Twitter/X logo and not replacing it for right now. 

To some extent, the decision you make also depends on how much you use the platform and how important it is for you. In my personal work, I’m just removing the bird and not replacing it because Twitter/X isn’t really a useful platform for reaching my audience. 

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This was super helpful!