LinkedIn Company Page DMs

  • 11 May 2023
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Who has/what are best practices for DMs coming to your company page on LinkedIn? I just saw this feature become available on the company page for my podcast.


Looking forward to hearing from peers on this!

4 replies

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So interesting!! I don’t have this feature yet available on my company’s LinkedIn page, but I look forward to using it when it’s rolled out to more pages. Thanks for sharing!

@jprimack What has your experience been like with LinkedIn DMs for Company Pages? What types of things have people been messaging your page about?

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@conor.gettings - So far no notes to my podcast’s company page 😅


Honestly, I’d probably only expect 2 types of notes to it:

  • Praises notes or something along those lines (with maybe some feedback to improve the show for future seasons)
  • Pitches to be a guest on the show for a future season


Have you had any come into your company’s page inbox?

That’s interesting feedback - thanks for sharing! We haven’t yet enabled this capability on our company page but we were curious to hear how brands might be using it so far