LinkedIn Link Previews changing

  • 10 June 2024
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After months of beta testing, it seems LinkedIn is moving towards thumbnailing link previews. See this recent article from Social Media Today:

Wanted to start a conversation to see what others are doing - how they plan to adjust their strategies etc. on LinkedIn. As an organic social media manager, this is a bummer as now it seems we can’t use link previews and could draw bogus clicks (like Twitter/X!)


Any insights are appreciated!

2 replies

I just came here to share I’m experiencing the same thing right now. The only obvious change I can think of is posting the image with a link in the description for more. I’m interested in what others are doing as well! 

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Yuup. It seems like the large previews are now a paid feature. 🙄

It seems to me like a push to keep more content on-platform. We’ll probably experiment with some no-click content or adding the link in the social copy.