Navigating Pharma Constrictions on Meta

  • 27 April 2023
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I am dealing with a lot of very tight restrictions, as I currently work with a lot of client in the pharmaceutical (ophthalmology, mostly) space. I just have a number of things I encounter constantly so I thought I would throw a few out there.


Has anyone had success with geotargeting as specific as, for example: all countries in europe but not the UK? It would be a pretty severe consequence if it did show up in the UK; again just as a recent example. 


Am I correct that I can turn off comments on an ad on Instagram, but not Facebook? Has anyone ever encountered the ability to limit sharing, as well? 


How do people navigate the rejections they encounter on Facebook from ads that are more explicitly pharma? One client has mentioned getting a rep? But I’m sus. 


I’m sure I have many more, but these are just immediate stressors. thanks in advance!

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