Question about setting up new company FB account

  • 17 May 2023
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Hey everyone! This is my first post through the Arb so hopefully I do this right :)

My company is in the process of deleting our current Facebook account and starting a new one (long story.) Ideally, we would have each person with admin permissions set up an individual page for themselves using their “@upgrade” email address, and then that page would be the one with admin permissions (as opposed to giving admin permissions to each person’s everyday page that they already use frequently.) We mainly want to do this for cybersecurity reasons.

Has anyone tried this method before? Did it work? Did you run into any problems with Facebook, getting flagged, or anything of that nature? We’ve gone the rounds with Facebook a few times over a few different issues and their support team has been less than helpful, so we want to avoid doing anything that could get our page compromised or restricted in any way since we’re not confident in Facebook’s ability to fix problems.

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