Spam Page Reviews on Facebook?

  • 6 April 2023
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I’m really curious if anyone else is experiencing this problem with Facebook! Our page has been inundated with spam reviews. They’re all from different spammy accounts, all for crypto (we’re a leadership development nonprofit, so that’s wildly off-topic), and they all have a strong MLM flavor. These are positive reviews, but unhelpful and make it harder for people to find legitimate testimonials about our organization.


Has anyone else dealt with an enduring stream of spam reviews? How did you handle it? I report each one as spam and ban the user, but it’s been such a consistent issue for us that I imagine other social media managers must be getting swarmed as well.

6 replies

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Many of our clients have been receiving spam reviews on Facebook, too. One thing that I have noticed is that, when I try to ban the user or delete the comment, the OP deleted the review. I’m not sure if that is a tactic of the spammer, or maybe Facebook automatically deletes reviews that are clearly spam.

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@samantha.hart @eric_ginsburg I’ve seen similar issues on some of our Facebook groups as well. Are you seeing a lot daily or just throughout the week?

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I’m usually seeing a couple per week, maybe three on average! But it’s been very consistent for months at this point.

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Our one client very suddenly has been receiving multiple per day over the last week or so. But prior to that, maybe once a month. Not sure why the change all of the sudden!

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The last three years, all we’ve gotten are spam reviews! We finally just decided to turn off reviews because they were basically all spam and reporting them didn’t seem to do anything. 

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We have the same issue, we also decided to turn off reviews but now the spammers keep leaving comments on every other post. Around 50% of the posts. I usually ban them through Sprout and also delete the comment.

On top of that, these comments are creating a false peak in our engagement rates.