TikTok Adds a GIPHY Option

  • 30 March 2022
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Tiktok announced new ways to make your videos more creative by adding a GIPHY library option to videos. I’m so curious to see how creators and brands will use the new options.

Read the update here: https://newsroom.tiktok.com/en-us/tiktok-library

Q: Any ideas on how you would use it?


3 replies

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That is such a great question, @JonathanZuluaga

@alissa.pagels-minor - really curious to hear your thoughts + tips here, I saw in the product idea you upvoted yesterday that TikTok is a major part of y’all’s social strategy. I bet you have some cool ideas here. (And, welcome to the Sprout community, btw :)) 

Also, @mary - I know you are legit a Gif/Giphy PRO. Curious to hear how you think this can be used.

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Thank you @gshukla


@JonathanZuluaga I think it will depend upon your client and their branding. If your client uses GIF/GIPHY stickers on Instagram, then they will likely also use it for TikTok. So my question back is - how does your client use stickers on Instagram?

I have a luxury client that has created a few stickers on GIPHY, that are available on Instagram, and I assume now also on TikTok. They are very strict in their branding, so I imagine they would only use their own, branded GIFs. 

I have other clients (particularly eCommerce), who use stickers on Instagram a bit more liberally, so they would likely treat GIFs on TikTok the same as they do on Instagram. 

The key is brand consistency across platforms.

And yes, I even wrote an emoji guideline document once for a brand, so it is good to have all of these brand guidelines in writing! 😏


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Such a good point, totally agree with consistency!


At Sprout, we also created a series of branded stickers for Instagram, but could see us getting more creative on TikTok with general GIPHYs.