What's your strategy for posting reels with community sounds?

  • 19 September 2023
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Hey everyone,


I was hoping you all would have some tips to share for scheduling or creating reels on Facebook and Instagram with community sounds.

Our client has a low following, so we have been relying on using trending sounds on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to get engagement. Meta does not have scheduling sophisticated enough to meet our needs and posts with community sounds cannot get scheduled ahead of time through the business suite. However, uploading and posting each reel on the day we’ve planned for takes up a ton of time and we’re looking for alternative options.

As of now, we’ve been creating the posts through the Facebook and Instagram mobile apps (Meta business suite does not show any of our saved sounds, so we need to post each individually) and then saving the reels as drafts and coming back on the calendar date and posting. 

There has to be a more efficient way, right? We bill our clients by the hour, so we’re extremely conscious of our time usage and this just simply isn’t working. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

1 reply

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@ashtonyoung We face the same problem...