Community Giveaway Q: What are the most innovative brand/influencer collaborations you've seen recently?

  • 28 February 2024
  • 8 replies
Community Giveaway Q: What are the most innovative brand/influencer collaborations you've seen recently?
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Q: What are the most innovative brand/influencer collaborations that you've seen recently?





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8 replies

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The Home Depot has been crushing it with a wide variety of influencers show that ANYONE can benefit from their selection at any age or skill level. check these out!



This has been an ongoing campaign, but starting in November, Fahlo did a collaboration with Blake Moynes and Rachel Recchia (past bachelor/bachelorette contestants, now creators). Typically, Fahlo’s reels reach around 50,000 people. This campaign has reached 1.9 million people! 

Original Reel:

Not only were they able to connect with an entirely new audience, but they also had a great ROI on followers. Plus, they gave the creators a 20% off code to encourage purchases. When you think of a nature oriented company that partners with nonprofits, you don’t typically think of bachelor/bachelorette contestants. So, right away I was skeptical of the partnership. But as Blake Moynes and Rachel Recchia continued to post about their experiences with Fahlo and one of their nonprofit partners Conserve Turtles, I found myself connecting more with the content and being sold by the authenticity in their posting (they still post stories and repurpose content about their experiences). Although this isn’t innovative within the influencer world, I think it is innovative for businesses like Fahlo to step out of their comfort zone and utilize prominent creators to be ambassadors for their brand and mission.

I’ve been really loving Away, the luggage brand. They’ve done a great job of working with a range of creators. They even worked with a creator who specializes in nail art to create a reel to promote their new color drop. 

I’ve been loving all of Pattie Gonia’s partnerships in recent years with a focus on conservation, environmental justice, and inclusivity in the outdoors.

Even though I’m not a birder, the new one with Audubon could make me get up early for some watching! 🐤

I’ve been loving Sylvanian Drama’s partnerships with Netflix’s The Crown, Burberry (of all brands), and others. It’s truly unhinged and never feels like paid social, yet finds a way to incorporate the product into the mini storylines.

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Tiffany & Co. X Arsham Studio & Pokémon

I love a nerdy collaboration and this one was unexpected but fun to see!

Sydney Sweeney becoming a global Laneige brand ambassador. It’s not rare for companies to bring on celebrities to represent their company, but what Laneige did so well was jump on the current hype of one star and use it to their full advantage. Sydney is currently the “it girl” of this generation, after gaining extreme popularity starring in Euphoria, White Lotus, and the popular rom-com that just released, Anyone But You. By securing the star as their ambassador, according to this news article, Laneige experienced an immediate 227% surge in Tiktok followers and 53% growth in Instagram followers. 

Recently, Laneige just launched a new sleeping mask and hosted an event in New York where influencers got the chance to both meet Sydney Sweeney and learn more about the new product. This was such a smart way to get the word out about the new mask because, not only were these influencers offered the chance to have a meet and greet with the ambassador herself, but were contracted to promote the event and products as a result. 


Image 1: Sweeney as the global brand ambassador for Laneige
Image 2: Sweeney at the New York Launch Event



I’ve really liked the Burger King Million Dollar Whopper campaign’s collaborations. It’s an interesting approach to have some of the cooking content creators out there who typically make elaborate meals take a spin on a whopper. They’ve really spread out and partnered with tons of different styles of content creators in the food world and they have filled their feed with collab posts for several days. It’s led to some fun pieces of content!