🔴 RECORDING: Unlock the power of AI: Empowering social strategy, analytics, trend identification, and creative visuals

🔴 RECORDING: Unlock the power of AI: Empowering social strategy, analytics, trend identification, and creative visuals
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Are you curious about how AI can help you save time and enhance your social media strategy and content creation? Join us for a thought-provoking talk by Jeff MacDonald (@jeff.macdonald), Social Media Director at Mekanism.

Here are some key takeaways you can expect from the event:

  • Learn how AI can help you gain more "human" time back by letting computers handle the repetitive tasks
  • Discover groundbreaking ways AI is reshaping social media strategy and its impact on performance
  • Explore real-world examples of AI-driven tools and their potential to create more engaging and visually stunning content
  • Gain practical strategies for staying ahead of the curve and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for your social media practice
  • Understand the ethical considerations and challenges of integrating AI into your social media practices

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to unlock the full potential of AI in social media. RSVP now and join us for an engaging talk that will transform the way you approach your social media strategy.


🏆Congratulations to our engagement winners @sarah.jones & @rachel.dawson who won our book and water bottle giveaway! And our Q&A winner @asher.Korycka who won a beautiful Arboretum water bottle! 

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🔴 Did you miss the session? Watch the recording now:


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I’m most excited for it to help accomplish tedious tasks so I can focus more on strategy. I’m least excited about the scare around the future of AI. 

Excited for the potential of AI to ultimately free up more humans to do work that they are passionate about and give us the tools to have a bigger positive impact on the world! Least excited about the job losses and the challenges of that transition. 


I’m most excited to use AI to help automate the non-creative elements of my workflow, as well as for its ability to help ideate. My biggest concern is the inevitability of malicious implementation (this is why we can’t have nice things!)

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Does anyone have the correct zoom link for this event? My link pulls up the guided meditation zoom for July.

Hi! I am most excited to use AI for brainstorming and through starters! In terms of writing content, I have started to see how AI can help you get ideas on the page, since sometimes staring at a blank page is the worst and hardest part of writing! Although AI might not necessarily get brand voices down pat just yet, it has been so helpful in providing ideas or a sentence here, or word choice there. It has made me more efficient at my job already! and I am excited to see where it goes. 

in terms of what I am least excited for, it is a little scary to me when people use AI to create things that use other people’s likeness or intellectual property. For example, a lot of people on TikTok are using AI to create celebrities singing other celebrities’ songs. I think this might get dangerous in the future 

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Content brainstorming and creation - for humans to review before publishing ;) - to help extend what small teams can accomplish. Also interested in the possible use of AI as part of analytics.

Excited to utilize AI to make our social copy more creative and engaging, as well as saving time. Less excited to see how much editing the copy will need to fit brand voice/tone

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Most excited: Using AI as my “brainstorming buddy.” 

Least excited: The potential for AI to be used by bad actors to spread conspiracy theories, misinformation and manipulate elections around the world

Interested in using it to iterate on copy ideas and social responding.

I’m excited about AI assisting with topic brainstorming, reporting and content creation! I’m not so excited about the potential for copyright infringement, particularly among artists.

Does anyone have the correct link?

What I'm most excited about are AI-powered campaigns and content creation.

What excites me the least is the authenticity of the content and copyright,

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@jalvear yes! https://sproutsocial.zoom.us/j/98576295289

Excited by the creative brainstorming options, though curious to see the implications on intellectual property rights, copyright, and plagiarism. Also a bit overwhelmed by trying to figure out what resources are available, which are best for which applications, and which ones are free to use.  

As part of a B2B manufacturing company, I’m most excited about increasing integrations to improve operational excellence, such as evolving tools to predict and respond to market trends, optimize supply chain, improve ESG, and more accurately target valuable audiences. I’m least excited about how AI could drive misinformation and create challenges deciphering truth vs. fiction.

Where can I find the recording of today’s session?

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@jbmlc Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing shortly on this thread!

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👋 Thank you for all those who attended yesterday’s session! We loved all your questions, engagement and thoughts through the presentation! A huge thank you to @jeff.macdonald for taking us on a journey and inspiring us to the possibilities of AI!

Here are some of the outstanding questions for Jeff from yesterday’s session:

  • Question from @eden.jaeger: You’ve mentioned some great tools and apps already. Are there any other AI-related tools you use regularly that you think we should know about? Personally, I’m most interested in ways to save time on analytics & reporting.
  • Question from @nikkivaglioHow will AI video impact influencers and UGC content creation?
  • Question from @smartin3873: Chat GPT only goes through 2021 I believe, how do we make it adapt to current trends?
  • Question from @abigaillee:Where are you finding tips and ideas for AI implementation? Where are you going to “level up”?
  • Question from @dusti.tilton: How do you handle Legal language for brands? I find it challenging to use AI to create social posts/blogs because they discuss performance, where we cannot be focused on performance. I've tried different prompts and I haven't had much luck.
  • Question from @christen.fencl: My biggest concern with AI is feeding information into these generators. Do you suggest keeping to just a handful of AI or spreading the love between multiple systems?
  • Question from @jalvear: What if you’re in a niche industry and find AI referencing your own work? What would you suggest I do with my prompts?
  • Question from @marketing.eturi:  What are the Twitter accounts to follow to learn how to craft prompts?
  • Question from @keith.clock: How do you use AI to generate a content calendar? 

If you’re looking for the recording and the winner’s to yesterday’s giveaway, we’ll be sharing the link and announcing those on this thread today! Stay tuned! 

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Hi everyone, first off I want to thank you all for joining my talk on AI last week. It was truly a pleasure to get to share some tips and ideas on a topic I’m so excited about.

Secondly, I few of you seemed to be really interested in scraping TikTok comments, here’s the python script I use to do that so you can copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet: https://github.com/cubernetes/TikTokCommentScraper
Feel free to reach out if you have further questions on how to use this tool, it requires some knowledge on Python and running scripts and code on your computer, but all things you could learn via YouTube videos in the readme of the repository.

Finally let me try to answer some of these outstanding questions:

@eden.jaeger: I agree on analytics and reporting, such an amazing place to start saving time with AI. Honestly I keep my tools pretty lean, ChatGPT for most text/numbers analysis, Bard to summarization of online articles (seems to be so much faster at it than ChatGPT), Midjourney and now Photoshop Beta for image generation. I’ve used ElevenLabs and MusicLM for audio generation, but do it sparingly. 

I’ve tried other “specialty tools” for writing briefs or doing other tasks, but honestly I feel like they are just sitting in for being able to write a great prompt. I do believe we’ll see some amazing tools launch in the future that leverage AI in unique ways and do so in a way thats’ hard for anyone to recreate in a prompt, like access to a specific data set or specialized actions that it’ll be able to execute. But as of now, I’m good with the stack I have.

@nikkivaglio: In the near future, probably very little. The quality has a ways to go before it can replace what you can capture on your iPhone in 4K. But I could see it being useful as a new way to tell a story, say to recreate a scene that you were not allowed to film or forgot to capture footage of. I could see it as a useful tool for creates who want to retell a story or a dream in a fantastical way.

AI Generated Video is also super useful for creators who want to pitch or show what they intend to film to brands. Great for pre-vis, story boarding. In the long term, I think this will have a disruptive effect as simple tasks like grabbing b-roll footage will be replaced by generating it after the fact. I don’t think creators should worry though, if anything it will give them more opportunities to share their stories more effectively. 

@smartin3873: That’s true, and something people should be aware of when using these LLM (large language model) tools. They are only as smart and as current as the data they were trained on. I use the paid version of ChatGPT which has the ability to search the web, Bard from Google is free and also has access to the web. Writing your prompt in a way so that the tool has to go out and retrieve the latest info is the best way to make sure you are tracking the latest info/trends. i.e. “You are a strategist working for an advertising agency, your brand is California Ranch Olive Oil. I will give you a research task and you will go out to the web and find the latest information you can to complete the task. Your first task is to find me recent trends in the home cooking among US 18-34 year olds cooking for themselves for the first time.”

To also get the latest info into LLM’s, I also provide my own data and research via copy and pasting reports that I find on the topic, i.e. articles from Ad Age, research from Warc etc.

@abigaillee: Mostly Twitter, also some TikToks, it seems like those are the best places to see people sharing how AI is impacting their work and to inspire new ways to use the tools. Here’s my Twitter AI list so you can follow the same folks I watch for this info, feel free to ask me who else I should add!

@dusti.tilton: I haven’t had too much practice with keeping within certain legal guidelines with in generated text, but I feel like if you provided ChatGPT or another AI tool with a series of examples first that might help. Also providing a list of exclusionary words that it can not use or use synonyms of those words? I hope you find a good solution!

@christen.fencl: Totally hear you on privacy concerns around what data you feed into AI, as a practice my company doesn’t feed any information that isn’t public knowledge into any of them.
OpenAI’s ChatGPT does have a private mode where it says it won’t save any of the data it receives or generates, which you can trust as much as you like. As a habit, I only use a few tools, but I feel like I’m spreading the love to some of the biggest competitors. 

@jalvear: Very interesting! That can be really difficult to deal with, but I wonder if you put exclusionary terms around your work so that it’s forced to search for ideas or what you might need outside of your own work. I also wonder if you could feed in your won work as inspiration and then have it build on top of that. That might help with any AI tool you’re using to build outside of it’s current knowledge set. Hopefully that helps, great question!

@marketing.eturi: I don’t follow any prompt engineering accounts in particular, but above I’ve shared a link to my Twitter Lists, which includes all sorts of great knowledge on getting the most out of AI tools. For prompt writing I follow a very simple practice of being as descriptive as possible, more here: PDF I created on Prompt Writing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cytkGHt0ptF1XRBytFiXNayj0czUX7SZ/view?usp=share_link And live stream: 

@keith.clock: For content calendars, I normally first prompt it on how I want the information delivered, more on that in the links provided above. After that I make sure to tell the AI to reference current events and celebrations in it’s considerations. Here’s an example:
“You are a social strategist building a content calendar for the brand California Ranch Olive Oil. I will provide you a month and the number of posts and platforms I need you to create content ideas for. You will provide me those ideas for each day I need content for and you will put those ideas into a table view so I can copy and paste it into a spreadsheet.
The month is July, please put into context any relevant cultural events and celebrations that our brand could create content around. Here’s an example of our content calendar from last month: (provide a CSV copy and pasted to give more context for the AI)”

Hope that helps! Thanks again to everyone who attended and I’m looking forward to our next chat!