🔴 RECORDING: Unlock the power of AI: Empowering social strategy, analytics, trend identification, and creative visuals

🔴 RECORDING: Unlock the power of AI: Empowering social strategy, analytics, trend identification, and creative visuals
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Are you curious about how AI can help you save time and enhance your social media strategy and content creation? Join us for a thought-provoking talk by Jeff MacDonald (@jeff.macdonald), Social Media Director at Mekanism.

Here are some key takeaways you can expect from the event:

  • Learn how AI can help you gain more "human" time back by letting computers handle the repetitive tasks
  • Discover groundbreaking ways AI is reshaping social media strategy and its impact on performance
  • Explore real-world examples of AI-driven tools and their potential to create more engaging and visually stunning content
  • Gain practical strategies for staying ahead of the curve and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for your social media practice
  • Understand the ethical considerations and challenges of integrating AI into your social media practices

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to unlock the full potential of AI in social media. RSVP now and join us for an engaging talk that will transform the way you approach your social media strategy.


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🔴 Did you miss the session? Watch the recording now:


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Thanks @Jonathan Zuluaga appreciate the opportunity, I’m looking forward to sharing what I know about AI and how it can help social media teams save time and concentrate on tasks they love.

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✨ Giveaway question! Thread your question below for your chance to win one of two prizes!


What is the one thing you are the most excited about for the future of AI? What about least excited?


Excited to use AI to brainstorm ideas!

Excited how to leverage Ai for sales!


Laura Lane


Excited to have a starting place to draft content 

Most excited about the untapped potential with AI!

Quicker turnaround time with creating captions when making content calendars each month. Worried about job security.

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Automating tedious, time-consuming tasks

The ease of producing lots of content! I do an employee advocacy program & able to do so much more now!

Workflow optimizations so I can focus more on strategy! 

Looking forward to making my workflow easier so I can focus on being more creative.

I’m very excited about saving time and concerned on AI being too powerful :D

The endless possibilities that it affords someone.

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Ways AI can make me work smarter.

I am most excited to learn about ways to utilize AI to make my work flow more efficient!

I’m most excited about the creativity in can generate in social managers. Sometimes I’m at a loss and it provides a great starting point! 


No least excitements, though I do know there’s so much to learn and regulate with AI. 

Learning how I can use it to create content, but it seems like an extra step at this point. 

Most excited for how it can help support and automate some of the more mundane pieces of day-to-day work; least excited for the legal aspect! 

Excited About: Increasing Content Brainstorm (Jumpstart)

Least Excited About: Unknowns Around Data Storage.

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Most: The ability to spend less time creating copy, choosing the right time to post, and which channel, so I can spend more time on strategy and testing new things.

Least: Spending too much time using AI tools instead of just being a creative human being!

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Most excited for it to assist with content ideation. Least excited about the potential issues that could arise such as misinformation.

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I’m most excited about the change to augment my work to produce more impactful, customized, and customer-centric marketing.

I’m least excited about the fact that AI leaders are telling us to be weary and cautious with this tech. 

I’m excited to use it to draft content!

How AI can benefit my company.

A quick fix for writer’s block. Weeding through the junk.