🔴 RECORDING: Unlock the power of AI: Empowering social strategy, analytics, trend identification, and creative visuals

🔴 RECORDING: Unlock the power of AI: Empowering social strategy, analytics, trend identification, and creative visuals

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Using AI to create better ads for my clients :)

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How it can be used for post-secondary philanthropy work, and making my job as a communicator easier (analytics, writing prompts, etc)

Just looking forward to the sheer possibilities of what AI might mean for our daily work and personal life!

I’m excited to have it help me with lessening my workload :)

Most excited about knowledge being more accessible, not excited bout possibility of bias in AI

Excited for creative inspiration from AI

Excited about the opportunity to save time and energy on social media content!


Not excited about… ”the unknown”. How AI could be used for negative impacts on society and work ethic.

I’m excited about how AI is helping me with my writing by saving me time and giving me ideas for phrasing. I’m least excited about how long it’s going to take me to learn all AI can do to help me.

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I’m excited to learn how to utilize AI as a tool and make my work more efficient. I’m least excited about answering all of the questions my team will have when I introduce it to them as a tool we can utilize throughout our organization. 😆 I also want to make sure I understand all of it’s limitations, which is difficult to wrap my head around currently. 

I’m most excited for how AI and empower new creative solutions for marketers. I’m most concerned with the additional complexity that working with AI might have.

I’m excited to see how AI can streamline some of our social content processes.

Saving time! 

Hi all-- I’m most excited about the ways AI can optimize my work in social, particularly in analysis of metrics, content creation, etc. I think it could really be a gamechanger for being more effective, efficient, and creative in my work! And I’m least excited for the ways it could negatively impact uniqueness and bring challenges for plagiarism. Thanks!

AI and its future state and the automation of some digital marketing efforts including social media creation/posts and SEO and VSEO. 

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I’m most excited about the idea that AI can help to save our teams time and thus help increase productivity. I’m least excited about the unknown when it comes to AI and what information it collects, as I’m sure many people are.

Most excited: writing personalized theme songs for everything in my life

Least excited: being outsmarted by a computer

Most excited: the many efficiencies that it entails

Least excited: what the future holds for AI and how it might change roles for maybe not the best (we don’t know the impact it has)

The future of AI holds great potential for promoting inclusivity, and that is something I find incredibly exciting. AI has the ability to reduce biases and discrimination by ensuring fair and unbiased decision-making processes. It can help in building more inclusive technologies, systems, and services that cater to diverse populations. By addressing issues such as algorithmic bias and promoting diversity in AI development, we can create a future where AI is a force for positive change and equal opportunities for all.

On the other hand, the aspect that I am least excited about for the future of AI is the potential misuse or unethical use of this technology. As AI becomes more powerful, there is a risk of it being used to infringe upon privacy, manipulate public opinion, or create autonomous weapons. It is crucial to establish robust ethical frameworks, regulations, and oversight mechanisms to ensure that AI is developed and deployed in a responsible and beneficial manner.

AI allows many of us to skip the beginning processes of copywriting and generating iterations of drafts. I’m excited that AI upgrades all of us to editors! I’m least excited about its current state of occasionally fabricating facts, which might cause worry and slow innovation.  

Idea Creation and the future of analytics related to AI

I’m excited about how it will change the nature of work and how it will help transform data gathering and the ability to repurpose content for social and for use in newsletters.


When it comes to AI, I am excited to learn how I can better leverage this tool to amplify my skillset and increase content strategy efficiency. 


I’m less excited about how my student workers utilize the AI for their content creation, because I worry about their dependence on the tool.  

I am super excited for the ability to greatly save time for research or finding good examples for content. I am also super excited to be able to use AI to put a visual representation to things I can only see in my mind; so, bringing imagination come to life. I am least excited about the laziness and lack of integrity using AI can bring forth, i.e. relying on AI for everything. 

Most excited: automated workflows. Least excited: elimination of need for human work for certain things. (Kind of the same thing, I guess!)

I’m most excited about all the ways it can/will help all the smart people working to solve our biggest problems solve them more efficiently/effectively.


I’m least excited (read: terrified) about the potential ways people can utilize it to harm -- to spread disinformation, enable mass destruction/warfare, etc.