⏰ See you in one hour @ our Camera-off Guided Meditation!

  • 29 March 2023
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⏰ See you in one hour @ our Camera-off Guided Meditation!
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We’re so excited to recharge and take some space to relax during a busy week at our Community Recharge Series: Guided Meditation! 


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See you soon: @rachel.de @gimra.malapas @taylor.joy @jennifer.norton @brandon.moyes @Beth Ryan @trenton.bush @PurdueFed @nicklacke @travis.sandoval @erica.hart @avery.allman @lauren. @andre.higuita @claire.hueg @kyle.rudolph @angela.grossi @avdpk @JessH @NCTR @lisa.frame @TiaTateynaB @julian.gonzalez @tiffany.hughes @patrick.jervis @micah.descartin @iiep.communications @sarah.bunch @morgan.lee @emily.schilling @maddie.mcgill @kiyauna.m @Yesenia Nazario-Melendez @AAVanDyke @abigaillee @sarah.stone @joanna.wing @lyndsay.nielsen @amanda.hoffmann @tritabaugh @RC.social @jnappi @shelby.stahl @kayla.doherty @tristan.audet @LauraPorcincula

3 replies

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This was great! Thank you so much for hosting!

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Glad to hear it @amanda.hoffmann

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This was amazing! Thank you for doing this.