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👋 Welcome New Members!

  • 26 September 2022
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👋  Welcome New Members!
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Welcome new Sprout Community Hub members! We are so excited you are here!

For everyone tagged as a new member, please introduce yourself in the thread. We would love to hear more about you and why you joined our community!

Tell us about yourself! What are you most excited about in the next month?

@Delaney_Janosek @Priscilla NL @jason.ritter @nicky.oflanagan @lindsey.kish @meghan.thornton @jesus.montesinos @kavya.pernankil @megha.fernandes @isabelle.zhang @rachel.doig @sean.churchill @Michiko Morales @Carolyn.Johnson @jdunlevy @Lia.P @kayla.long @armie cassandra.isabedra @katie.brown @paige.campbell @Juliann Kelley @whittneygould @VSS @xander.pavlik @Megan H. @gabby.goshorn @jamie.walsh @social @kwd. @BebopBee @monica.chinsami @alexa.reinecke @marinus.stander @jana.grobler @kat.dumschat @melinda.sampson @marlenahaasz @amy.poredos @matt.rank @charlotte.christensen @melissa.sturges @maria.lorenz @anuya.chakravarthi @n teja.teja @melissa.eriksen @travis.leone @Crystal @Joe Nev @maddy.sauer @md.alamin @chereé.meyer @michelle.pino @gabriella.blauert @Gerod Harder @phyllis.francis @emily.chambers @connor.hoeft @alex.davalos @sharonjin_ @angela.hutt @fedie10 @julia.montoya @arden @CRobledo @lauren.hinson @greg.southcombe @abdulrahmana @sassa.rivera @kelleymedia @nicole.bouvier @acooper @renae.wallace @leticia.mendoza @nicole.detwiler @erin.epple @grace.midtgard @lanette.v @roberto.atala @gabriela.amerique @JMG @Emm at Brew @ana.teijeiro @jgarth @Ian.caunan @Social.Queen @marykate.caron @anjay.sorefan @hannah.jean @simon.lysnes @aubree.smith @charlene.abela le gall @charlotte.kiernan @elizabeth.griffin @emily.moulder @brennen.roberts @eventsgal @tionna.salmon @laura.phillips @timothy.alexander @amy.petley @crysten.cornish @guest.harris @tegan.jones @tasha.thakkar @alison.cate @jamie.recio @april.parnwell @sherry.xie @Word Nerd @adam.hull @claire.bruce @tosha.lackey @OMG Marketing 

We have two events coming up in early October! While these events are both agency focused, everyone is still welcome to attend.


30 replies

Hey hey!

I started in a social role at a construction equipment manufacturer about a month ago and use Sprout to manage our social programs alongside our agency (🙌🏻). I also have responsibility in managing the strategy and promotion of our industry resource blog.

I worked in digital marketing about four years ago, which feels like AGES ago, so I’m spending a lot of time re-adjusting to digital. In the last four years I did community engagement and internal communications within the company. 

I am just excited to continue learning, and I’m also very excited about the opportunities the company has now that there’s more resources dedicated to these areas. 

Hello everyone,

My name is Gabby and I recently took a position as the digital content and social media coordinator for a major health system in my area. Our system is new to using Sprout and I am excited to learn everything I can from the platform, as well as connecting with other social media/marketing/communications professionals. 

Hi all! I’m the Social Media Marketing Specialist for OLEDWorks, a lighting technology manufacturing company headquartered in Rochester, New York. Our company is expanding quickly and will be going through a lot of changes over the next few years, so I’m really focused on expanding our social audience and helping our followers understand our technology in as many ways as possible.

Our main tactic is B2B content marketing, so we’re primarily promoting blogs, industry news, eBooks, trade shows and more on our social profiles. We have a small, but mighty, department of 5 people who are always interested in fine-tuning our marketing strategies. 💪 I joined the Sprout community as we JUST implemented Sprout Social last month. I’m trying to dive headfirst into all of the resources that I can possibly find! 

About myself: I’ve worked a few jobs in various industries before my current position. One of my favorites was being a barista for 6 years. Really comes in handy for the marketing life. ☕

So excited to be a part of this community and am really looking forward to the upcoming networking event on October 5. 


Word Nerd Creative Content & Design, LLC is a full-service marketing agency offering custom-tailored solutions to small business owners throughout the United States. We specialize in SEO, social media, web design, and content marketing. 

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Hi Everyone!

I’m Laura from Sprout based out of Seattle. I am also really excited about meeting you all at our networking event on Oct 5th!



I’m Terrance Milligan (Marketing & Analytics Manager @ Object Management Group). Glad to be a part of the community! I’ve used Sprout for just over a year now and always looking for tips and tricks of the trade.

Hi there! My name is Gabby Blauert and I am Hamilton County Tourism’s newest Communications Manager. I’m only a few weeks in but already loving my role, where I get to share about all the amazing attractions and amenities that exist in Hamilton County, Indiana. I am so excited for all the fun fall activities happening this month, including apple picking, corn mazes, and haunted houses.

I joined this group because I’m looking to connect with fellow social media managers and keep a pulse on all the latest trends. Thanks!!

Hi there! My name is Gabby Blauert and I am Hamilton County Tourism’s newest Communications Manager. I’m only a few weeks in but already loving my role, where I get to share about all the amazing attractions and amenities that exist in Hamilton County, Indiana. I am so excited for all the fun fall activities happening this month, including apple picking, corn mazes, and haunted houses.

I joined this group because I’m looking to connect with fellow social media managers and keep a pulse on all the latest trends. Thanks!!

I’ve always thought working in tourism and/or chamber of commerce roles would be SO fun! The city I used to live in does a great job at it (IMO), and I just feel like they have so much fun! Good luck in your role!

Hello! My name is Amie Newsome and I am the Social Media & Content Manager at the Haywood County Tourism Development Authority a.k.a. Visit NC Smokies (@visitncsmokies). I’ve been in this role for about 6 months now and previously served as the Marketing Coordinator at beautiful Lake Junaluska (also in Haywood County).

I LOVE getting to show off our 5 quaint mountain towns and all there is to do here. From the Blue Ridge Parkway to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we don’t lack for stunning views around here. Lucky for me, I’m a big photography geek and love getting to capture our panoramic vistas in all seasons. I’ve used Sprout Social before in internships but have really leaned into it in my new role having to manage multiple Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok channels (we also have sub-brand accounts for 2 of our towns)!

I’m looking forward to being part of a community of other like-minded social and content managers riding the same struggle bus as me on a day-to-day basis. 

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Welcome everyone so glad you’re here! 

My name is Lia, born and raised in Florida, now living in Greece and I am happy to be part of this community. 

I finished my degree in Maritime Studies in September of 2022, and I have been in the position of Social Media Community Management Specialist since then. I did not expect to start working in social media / marketing; however, I am very glad that my path brought me this way because I feel like it suits me, and I enjoy it very much!

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What a cool move, @Lia.P! Welcome :)  

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October 24: Welcome new Sprout Community Hub members! We are so excited you are here!

For everyone tagged as a new member, please introduce yourself in the thread. We would love to hear more about you and why you joined our community!

Tell us about yourself! Tell us about a trip or thing you did this year that really inspired you! 

@sarah.russo @samantha.gould @drakejimenez @joseiryperez @tammy.cameron @Sydney Nielsen @miadavid @jacqueline.fierro @JenniferDBegg @moonsail.north @AdHoc @abigail.parsons @srasmussen @ingrid.rawle @gregrokisky @vincent.fazio @A-MAX Marketing Dept. @erin.zakin @cheryl.feldstein @heaven.essilfie andoh @nat.teezagency @nick.wheywell @steven.lewis @ashley.zolot @thu.nguyen @celeste @austin.zimmerman @ama.scriver @alejandra.santorum @chloe.nelson @carrie.gallagher @karen.regpala @erika.roldan @go.united @adeeb @chris.flood @abi.rice @ireland.compton @jordan.torelli @randi.reed @shaina.rabhan @katie.langton @simon.fryer @abigail.gonzales @alexea.veneracion @paige.sanders @kjurt @s.j.schaffeld @wendy.harmon @alexis.king @allison.daane @charmayneann @bailey.whelton @paulina.fluehr @kdoerfer @anne marie @sarah.anstee @becca.young @wongalethu.mgamama @jordan.whitlow @cindy.morris @austinjbrunner @leo.merle @Kyle D. @morgan.dominique @madison.foltz @mrianwinship @megan.radley @kristi.raines @RevelersClub @thomas.boni @john.pfeil @maddie.brady @jim.beck @amy.hess @sheridan.powell @claire.white @audrey.clegg @hilary.lentz @dangif @jill.snowden @tori.sabourin @mckenziedailey @kelly.kozakowski @lsvdesign @ciara.lee @Blythe @Jeanette at SoundHound @parker.cho @zanetta.miller @nicki.peterson @clairewuich @sydney.hamilton @websol @genny.robinson @Uzma @christina.schubert @marisa.batey @lisa.higgins @Bess at Reason @ashley.hartman @adam.sullivan @bridget.hauge @leah.spector @anna.petron @plagunes @Jennifer Coons @kinga.malnasi @mariana.keepitkin @paul.marcum @elecia.copenhaver @kirt.zimmer @petehaas @denise_matchbox @kerrin.jeromin @colby.sollock @kristine.mccormick @title.forward @colby.sollock @diane.beaudet @Gerhard de Wet @heidiking @joshcav @emily.butler @CarmenCollins @erika.kuhn @jodie.tierney @chris.norrell @taylor.oaks @shelby.stahl @colleen.clayton @james.liess @april.martin @ally.petris @cleo.schoonebeek @bailey.ashida @iris.greges @maxjenksgilbert @jody.seidel @melissa.hoffman @dave.martin @lauren.mandel @steven.wheeldon @David_B @T.Eddy @hannah.carroll @melspedding @emma.dobalina @khalid.alothman @kendra.gallegos @melissa.thompson @lindsey.gremaud @elise.stodolak @alicia.cheung @kayla.lyons @shaym @patricia.canas @mindontherun @steven.tamvakellis @verena.strasser @mark.purdy @Kat @Jessica Charlanie @KetchumDigital @emma.goodwin @jen.stainton @katie.newton @laura.araujo @kirstina.sang @Valentina Carrizo @Hattieliz @maureen.hendrix @m.drevet @TiffanySEO @laura.mayer @Jessica Oda @madison.grovas @laura.gould @kasi.viswanathan @hannah.briggs 


I’m a brand strategist and marketing designer in Chicago. I launched my design studio in 2000 and I love content and social media marketing. 

I work with mission-focused organizations (nonprofits, association, higher ed) to develop strategy, branding and design for their marketing and fundraising outreach.

Looking forward to chatting with the group!

Hey Community! I’m Taylor, and I lead the SEO & Website team at ARS/Rescue Rooter, a network of HVAC, plumbing and other services across the country.

I’m a big believer in social’s ability to drive SEO & website objectives, and though we have a talented and fantastic team running and executing our social media strategy, I joined to stay on top of trends and discussions. 

Looking forward to being a part of the community!



Hi Everyone! My name is Bailey I work in Austin for an advertising agency as a Social Media Specialist! The clients I work on are all in the travel/tourism industry. I’m always willing to learn and understand new techniques and ways to get the most out of social media platforms.


I’m excited to learn from everyone!

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Wow wow wow!!! What a group we’ve got here!! Welcome all!

Hi everyone,

I’m James Liess, I handle marketing for Betson Enterprises a distributor of Arcade Games, Vending Machines, Parts and more. Recently took a river rafting trip on the Salmon River in Idaho which was a great decompression and got me back in a more creative state of mind. 


Excited to be part of the group. Thanks 

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Hi everyone! 

My name is Audrey and I am a digital strategist in Washington, DC. My day-to-day includes developing digital strategy, paid media plans, and social media content, and conducting digital research. Most of my clients are government agencies, advocacy organizations, and non profits within the public health or education space. I love that everyday I get to work with the power of digital to spread information and resources that result in happier and healthier lives! 

I’m excited to to be a part of and learn from this crew! 

Hi there! I’m Sheridan and I’m the Communications Coordinator at Visit Colorado Springs! Our team of 4 shares the responsibility of our social platforms and were doing everything manually for a few years (drafting in a content calendar, reviewing & manually scheduling). We’re excited to better promote Colorado Springs using Sprout to streamline our processes and dive deeper into our analytics!

Hi everyone!

My name is Bailey Ashida and I am the Marketing Coordinator for Visit Colorado Springs. We are excited to have a more streamlined process for posting our social content!

I am new to marketing and tourism, so I’d love to expand my community with you all on LinkedIn: and Instagram: @visitcos and @eat.drink.bay

I am really excited to promote the holidays in Colorado Springs this November and December. I got back yesterday from a weekend in Steamboat Springs, just in time for their first snow! We went to Strawberry Hot Springs and it was an incredible experience. 


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Hi everyone! 

My name is Becca (she/her) and I am the social media manager for the Ohio State University Alumni Association. I just started this position a few weeks ago, but I’m very excited to be here. 

In the next month I’m really excited about getting the chance to watch more Buckeye football and spend time with family.

Hello everyone!


I hope I’m not too late, but my name is Khalid Alothman and I’m the Digital Marketing specialist at Ajdan Real Estate Development Co. based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I just finished my first month here and am looking forward to what’s to come. 

I’m really excited to learn the ins and outs of the platform and learn from all of you. Hopefully, I can share some of my experience too, although limited as it is.

I'm a SEA-TAC area photographer and content creator. I just got started! My username is Recklessthor4 on all platforms.

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👋 November 8: Welcome new Sprout Community Hub members! We are so excited you are here!

For everyone tagged as a new member, please introduce yourself in the thread. We would love to hear more about you and why you joined our community!

Introduce yourself and tell us about yourself! As the holidays approach, does your family have any traditions that you love?

@melanie.morrill @paul.wolf @shaun.wilde @madison.morgan @elizabeth.michael @CelsiusMarketing @jadamson5 @NupafeedUSA @nicole.small @uptc 4.ayala @hayley.brown @janene.poortvliet @sdekryger @vladimira.sajbanova @daphne.ciccarelle @laurenespejo @Patricia Sullivan @Pilar @R.J. @matt.lorier @bem.awua-imande @bryan.sthormes @ellie.parker @whitney.kaspers @dakota.booth @Domealo @tea.bee @ashton.baysden @laura.morgan @jennifer.albano @joy.gribben @alan.hanson @Marketing France @clayton.buchanan @carly.ronski @amanda.wagner @zack.smith @emily.swick @eloise.ridgway @comms @corey.stein @will.w @melanie.asherman @melissa.mendes @NICOLE FLORES @clarissa.charles @justin.fitzwater @emily.simpson @lori.wagner @andrea.leo @alex.smith @suzy.wheatley @chris.fowles @brij.panwar @tony.mccaugherty @ian.celantano @michael.crofton @lisa.wilkinson @zainab.hassan @allie.chilcoat @zoe.aanestad @richard.greer @audreystclair @simon.langford @abby.faulkenberry @picture motion.campaigns @maddie.gessler @rich.williams @ccastro @sky.renee @laura.nelson @ash.kreider @somo.communication @kyla.radford @brittany.bellamy @adriana.vasconcelos @paige.pipe @laurie.fujieda @GMjnj @shona.wilson @joanne.mills @anthony.perasso @cammie.giarrusso @amy.bahar @Amy.Olsen @brittanybro @myah.christenson @Rachel Burstyn @rian.lanigan @JamesKeen @cvara @Wisconsin Rose @alex.pearson @christine.kenyon @lauren.brown @analytics.elevation @jasmin.leath @tyler.taasaas @amanda.hohman @ila.mar @Gareth Spence @makeawishAKWA @jacqueline.franks @habib.mbacke @jenna.bulmer @brandon.osgood @debbie.dembecki @kate.danilova @Markkula Ethics Center @sean.c @ivana.dimitrova @kate.danilova @bernadette.bell @grayden.knoll @kornkamol @jeannette.real @jose.alfaro @Elysa @sally.finocchario @nathalie.dwyer @Recklessthor4 @nika.chugh @lauren.richards @Rachel DeLetto @kateryna.lopan @jake.peskin @liza.nahas @zach.gordon @aaron.moody @jfury @socialmedia.amcs @michael.bloomfield @peta.hurley @brittany.bardo @michele.stone @nikki.kanter @azfar.ahmed @Nicole.Floyd @jen.dewar @haya.alammaj @michelle.paul @kitty.norros @emily.lawrenson @alice.taylor @phil.b @dan.marsham @Kimberly G @emilee.mcgee @Hassan @lauren.cooper @melissa.bueckers @stephanie.ehmke @ariana.peery @stephanie.kazemi @molly.young @jeanine.briotte @lily.cooper @stacey.garcia @banderson @jp.duberg @dthomas @kayla.sandvig @jackie.nikoloff @christin.singh @allison.maurer @calli.benson @ruckusmarketing @clara.pino @natalie.montaner @caitlin.doyle @mariana.mangandid @sara.tetzloff @yuki.huang @alesha.miller @zoylee.web @Dylan De Beer @erin.spence @laura.henderson @peter.test @laurel and mitchell.zoet @sdc.communications @aborod @gina.cornwell @CourtneyHowell21 @molly.greathouse @kosha.oswald @sharon.flores @kelskagan @trinaneveri @abbie.lewis @nicole.brockington @james.bunning @erin.dejong