Best Practices to Reach Non-Followers?

  • 5 April 2024
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Hey, y’all! 


After hours of researching the best practices to reach non-followers on my restaurant client’s IG account, I keep accumulating the same 8-10 “Best Practices” on every website. 

I thought I would put it out here and see if any of you have cracked the secret that nobody is talking about to reaching non-followers? 


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2 replies

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For most of our clients, the ways that seem to work best is:

  • Content that you can tag business partners in so they’ll reshare
    • Also good if you can post Reels with tagged collaborators, or can offer something to micro influencers like a free date night in exchange for a Reel where your business is tagged as a collaborator
  • Occasional giveaways that involve sharing or tagging a friend
  • Copy that encourages comments like a tag a friend that you’d take to this happy hour (something more fun but just to give the goal)
  • Paid promo of posts that exclude current followers if it’s within budget
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I recently read that Instagram has shared it judges Reels on how much engagement they receive within the first 30 minutes of posting to decide how widely they should be distributed to users’ feeds. So I guess take that for what it is worth. :)