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Community Question: Content Creation Challenges

  • 12 September 2023
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Community Question: Content Creation Challenges
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Hi there community! Today we’re talking all about content creation with Bari Rosenstein and we’re curious what are your biggest challenges?

When it comes to content creation, what is the biggest challenge you and your team face today?

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49 replies

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Approval of assets and copy with our stakeholders. 

Time for social content creation as a one person marketing team for a healthcare device manufacturer.

Creating new content that is relevant and catchy

Lack of content moderation tools - X (Twitter).

The biggest challenge is figuring out what type of content to create that will engage our audience. 

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Currently, its coming up with things that are ON brand but fresh from like  companies. We work hard on our brand voice and tone which I think it SUPER important to portray in our content. Also finding out what our customers want to see vs what WE think they want to see is always a balance. 

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As an agency it can be difficult to catch those behind-the-scene or as they happen moments, and needing to rely on clients to capture them. These can be some of the best organic social moments and needing to rely on clients to capture the moments can be frustrating. 

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Keeping a consistent tone that is sassy yet welcoming and nostalgic yet present😜

Getting clients to follow social platform best practices when they create content. 

Resources & time! I’m a one-woman show for our organic social media.

Figuring out what CTAs will actually translate. People likely won’t want/don’t want to leave the app they are on, so what CTAs are valuable or helpful?

I struggle the most with continued creative storytelling with a limited repertoire from clients! A lot of clients think we can ‘do it all’ and don’t want to work with us to develop the necessary strategy and content needed.

Being a team of one 😓

Our biggest challenge at Rutgers School of Business–Camden is creating enough topics for content and keeping it current, as well as linking it back to our website. We like to promote students, but also have a hard time getting them to respond so we can feature them.

Approval on micro trending videos. Some clients have a long legal process. 

Limited creative support or internal resources to create content

Lack of staff time to create more dynamic content + leadership buy-in on the impacts of social media to advance business goals that align with our mission.

Each member of our team handles a different set of accounts. Between strategy, editorial content calendar planning, answering Qs, day-to-day tasks, and “other projects as assigned,” it’s hard to find time to really think creatively about our content.

Hi! My name is Choya and I’m the social media specialist for a hospice nonprofit. I would say our biggest challenge is growing on Twitter and TikTok. When it comes to TikTok, we follow copyright rules and don’t share pics or videos of people who haven’t signed a media consent form so it’s difficult to create consistent content on TikTok. Twitter, now known as X, has always been tough but after it became X, I’ve noticed that gaining and maintaining Twitter growth has been more difficult than ever, especially with having hospice as a our main topic. Tips?

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  • We get a lot of social media comments on post but low on CTR and Leads (completing survey forms).
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Bandwidth, and brand challenges.

Volume of content given team sizes and making sure it is timely

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Making content interactive for our followers.

Having fun while still remaining somewhat professional.

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Always having fresh ideas and engaging content as a one-person team in an industry that isn’t as “flashy”