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Community Question: Content Creation Challenges

  • 12 September 2023
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Community Question: Content Creation Challenges
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Hi there community! Today we’re talking all about content creation with Bari Rosenstein and we’re curious what are your biggest challenges?

When it comes to content creation, what is the biggest challenge you and your team face today?

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49 replies

Setting up a sustainable schedule to create and post content. Feels like I am often getting it up “when I can” instead of having some sort of strategy for my business

We struggle with being a professional association that doesn’t have a lot of access to interesting photos/video of our industry. Have to really be active about grabbing content whenever possible but just don’t have enough!

Getting website visits as a result of social posts

Time - to follow trends, brainstorm, create and iterate - on repeat.

As a government agency, our biggest challenge is how to participate in social media and online conversations to remain relevant and retain trust while also balancing political boundaries. 

Creating engaging content to increase organic growth while increasing sign-ups/conversions for a tech-based online product (I’m social manager for an online form builder). 

Creating relatable content while maintaining a traditional, cultural brand!

Team of one driving all the content - time and capacity are a challenge.

We are a healthcare/travel nursing staffing company, so we struggle to get any engagement across platforms, unless they’re photos of our staff. We have built up so much published content on our website to help answer healthcare questions across all specialties, but when posting on social, there’s next to no engagement. We utilize Canva for graphics and also post reels, but those maybe get 1-2 likes, where our company pages have 8k followers. It seems like our followers aren’t seeing our content, or just simply aren’t interested.

Staying inspired and keeping on top of constantly creating new/fresh content

The biggest challenge is not always having the bandwidth for evergreen content and or testing out new creative/content. 

Juggling multiple social media channels as a one-person team. Also getting enough video content.

Creating engaging content and not just “event” postings.

Marketing a brand that does not necessarily have products that are easily photographed, but rather portraying experiences consistently and in exciting ways.

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As a one-person content creator, just understanding each platforms nuances for sizes, orientation, length of videos, etc.  The Arboretum helps in letting us know the latest changes, yet I’m still trying to figure out what the basics of each platform are.  I’m not a user of most (difficult to keep up with a couple platforms, let alone time for all of them), so I’m just posting same content on each platform I can.  There are too many variables to keep up with and too many options for a one man team.
For a short time, we had a videographer that complemented my visual graphics and copy writing, but without someone dedicated to that, video is no longer in the strategy mix.

The approval process for simple trendy “on- brand” content. Creating content that is “on-brand” but also entertaining and engaging. 

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Finding time to do the research to know what type of content you want to make then finding the time to actually create the content as a one person social media team. 

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I am a team one who creates content and does it all as Im the Social Media Director/Manager. I find this the hardest as my job demands a lot from me.

Our in-house photography/videography team does not shoot with social in mind so it is very hard to get content. They are web/catalog/email first and social is an afterthought. 

Convincing the client or leadership to try posting content that’s out of their comfort zone.

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