Instagram Reels Low Performance

  • 22 September 2022
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Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has seen a recent dip in performance for any Reels they’ve been publishing.

Within the last couple of days, I’ve published two different IG Reels for two different clients:

  1. Scheduled and published straight from Sprout. Uses the client’s own sound. Usually their Reels get around 10,000 - 20,000 views and this one doesn’t even have 1,000.
  2. Created and published in IG. Uses a popular sound. Usually these Reels get 1,000 - 3,000 views and this one only has 150.

I just find it odd that both of these are underperforming, especially after IG working so hard to push Reels. Anyone else seeing anything odd? Thank you in advance!


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4 replies

I’ve been experiencing this as well. The account I run is verified and has over 250k followers. Over the Summer we were averaging a reach of 2M and our Reels would always get above 50k views and 1k likes. Now we are getting anywhere from 100-800 likes, our reach is about 300k now, and our photo content is outperforming Reels. 

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That is so weird! I just shared another Reel today, so we’ll have to see how it performs. 


Hey there! I had the same problem as well! I posted reels through Sprout exclusively for 2 weeks and the performance tanked. I just published one directly through the IG app and the engagement and reach was back to normal. I’m going to keep testing to see if that’s truly the case

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Hey @amanda.hoffmann , thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! 

On 10/3, Meta identified and resolved an issue affecting distribution for Instagram Reels sent via the API. Any Reels sent via Sprout may have received lower engagement. They’ve indicated this should not happen for any reels posted after 10/3. 

In this particular situation, this was an error from our partner. We were one of the first partners to report this issue, and unfortunately, our partner did not resolve the issue until now. Here at Sprout, we believe we can always do better and will investigate how to mitigate issues like these moving forward.

We always encourage you to report if there are consistent discrepancies within your performance from Sprout vs the native network. We have unique partnerships with these networks to allow us to escalate and look into any issues impacting you.