Instagram Takeover - permission setup in Sprout.

  • 3 November 2022
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Hey SproutSocial Community!

I work at a school district and want to have a HS student ‘takeover’ the district’s Instagram account to share ‘a day in the life at from a HS student perspective’.  My question is - has anyone done a Instagram takeover yet through sprout?

If so, what recommendations do you have for permissions?  I was thinking I would set him up in Sprout but would give him ‘needs approval’ access for the Instagram account.  That way I don’t share the password, and he still gets access to post, and I get to see it first before it’s LIVE.  Any suggestions? Anything I’m missing?  - Caitlin 

1 reply

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Hi Caitlin! That sounds like a great option, and *such* a cool idea! It sounds like you’ve thought this through a bit, but I’d also recommend limiting permissions on any other social profiles you have linked, as well as any other features your account might have like Reports. 

Just in case you need a reference, here are a couple of Help Center articles on permissions, broken down by Plan level:

Hope that’s helpful, and we’d love to know how it goes!