Is Facebook Ads Dying for B2B?

  • 8 September 2022
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Recently, out of the blue, Facebook permanently banned our main Business Page from running ads. Our ads account is still active and we can run ads from any other page, just not our main page. They stated we went against their advertising policies but told us that they couldn’t tell us what policy we broke and why. We’ve been running ads on Facebook since 2014 and have never run into this issue before. 


We work closely with their “Meta Experts” who regularly review our campaigns, so you’d assume they would be aware of any policy we may be breaking. We did not have any ads rejected prior to the ban. 


Has this happened to you? I have connected with 4 other B2B businesses that this has happened to in the last few weeks. None of them were given a reason why nor a notice or warning. 


Additionally, we have noticed diminishing results in our campaigns over the past 2 years. We expected it, but as we have always relied on 1st party data anyways, we didn’t think the quality of results would change. We were wrong. 


Lastly. we are unable to run Lookalike campaigns anymore. Prior to ios 14.5, best practice was to run a 1% Lookalike. Now, Facebook is telling us we must go up to 7% to have a large enough audience. That is WILD! We had a list of 90k emails and the Lookalike we built off of that list came back as “too small.” Outrageous! 


B2B advertisers: Have you seen success on FB recently? If so, what tactics are you employing? Are you running any Lead Gen on the platform?


Most of our budget is allocated to Google and LinkedIn. We run ads on Twitter and Reddit as well, but mostly for awareness as we don’t tend to get conversions there. 

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