Social Media Marketing for "Vice" Industries?

  • 31 March 2023
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I’m looking to find social media gurus who are navigating the world of “vice” commodities such as Alcohol, Cigars (not cigarettes), Cannabis related products or news, etc. What are you doing to have effective strategies that drive conversion and reinforce support from stakeholders when you have to also post content within the community guidelines?


I find that many of the proposed social strategies that exist in the mainstream are not spaces that those types of industries can really leverage. For example, we cannot advertise in most cases. Everything must be done organically. Social shopping is out of the question. Limiting Page visibility to 21 and up means that links to your platforms may show a broken link until the user logs into their account. Showing the product or using it can result in flagged or removed content. Community violations can wind up appearing arbitrary with little to no communication. Why did this post get taken down when there are 10 exactly like it? Is it the copy? Is it the graphic? did someone report it?

My company has taken some extensive (arguably over-corrective) measures to exist within the social space beyond just ethical practice guidelines.


Is anyone else out there walking this tightrope? 


2 replies

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Hey @ben.marcus, hope you get some additional answers on here! But wanted to share with you two articles that might help: 

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@ben.marcus Influencers can be a great way to go here. While there are still rules to follow it gives you built in awareness you may not already have or traffic you may not be getting on your platforms. You can do paid behind influencer content for alcohol brands on IG/FB. Leverage influencers in creative ways to drive sales and new relationships over to your social. They can also be great for some cannabis brands that focus on CBD.