AI use cases for more efficient workflows

  • 27 March 2023
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Hi all, 

Doing some research into how my team might use AI capabilities as a supplement to our social media strategy, whether that’s for copy creation, SEO, or even market research. Wondering if any of you have any good examples for ways social teams are incorporating AI, either in your own work or that you’ve come across in the wild. Thanks! 


2 replies

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Hi @chelsea.mcdonnell - that is such a great question. AI is definitely top of mind for all social marketers these days. We have this new video series to help you get started with AI. Also - hope you’re attending our upcoming Arb event Unlock the power of AI: Empowering strategy, trends, and visuals led by @jeff.macdonald where you can learn more about AI strategies and tools you can use. Jeff, wondering if there’s any quick tips you’d like to share with Chelsea as a preview to your session?


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@chelsea.mcdonnell Check out some examples in this blog post that was just posted on Sprout Social. A few examples there. 
Mainly I’m using AI to speed up every part of the process. And Photoshop’s generative fill has accelerated the creative side 100x this week.