B2B Social Media Strategies

  • 31 March 2022
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B2B social media is constantly changing. Social Media platforms no longer want you to drive traffic from their channels to your site, which means engagement and reach have gone down. 

What are you doing in the B2B space to engage your audience? 

What content is working? 

Is there a company that is doing a great job? 

3 replies

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Hey Tyler!

I found some great resources that might get you started:

How to build a B2B social strategy (that isn’t boring)

How to prove (and grow) your B2B social media ROI

A guide to B2B content marketing in 2021

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Hi Tyler! I find that having a balance of content is the key! We do plenty of posts promoting webinars/demos/etc … but also share pictures of our teams at the office, at outings, and at conferences. The people stories are getting the best engagement, but we obviously have a product to sell so we have to have promotional posts too!

LinkedIn polls have also been really good for us. I work for a data analytics software company so it can be hard to make things interesting, but there is always a way. Video content is also super important and sharing customer stories.


Hope this helps!

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Hi Tyler! We’ve started to experiment more with what we call “linkless posts.” We focus on sharing the content that may have been included in a blog, whitepaper, etc. and making it either a long-form LinkedIn post, video or even a carousel of information. We use paid social for to answer for driving site traffic.