Atomized platforms


“More choice, more options” seems like a great sort of an issue to have in terms of the growth of social media platform options. But for SMBs accessing and trying to maximize value and grow and engage their audience, there’s greater atomization in the users and challenges achieving metrics thresholds that used to be easier a few years ago. It requires the right tools, more time, more specialization for each platform and content type — which not every organization can invest in.


Social media suites can help, but they’re not always always the right answer. What do folks recommend? Leveraging AI and automation, focusing on only one or two platforms or market verticals, some other option?

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Every business is going to have a different marketing strategy. My belief is that there are no blanket solutions. But if you’re looking at social - don’t waste too much time trying to be on all of the channels if you don’t have the resources to manage them correctly and a very very strong content strategy. 


Absolutely valid perspective I’d personally agree with, Mandy. Any solution for a business facing resource challenges, such as with social media strategy, is ultimately a matter of prioritization and investing in that direction.