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  • 23 February 2024
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I am working to build out a community management document with FAQs for a client. Keen to hear from other community managers/ SMMs if you have found a template or a ‘best practice’ for this type of thing. Conscious it will contain many strands, i.e product queries, warranty questions, lifestyle questions etc, I am keen to keep it practical and organized. 


Any tips, ideas, or templates welcome! 


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Hi @mollyriihi, you could try asking this question in our Agency Partners group too.

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Hi, Molly! Great question.

While I don’t have a template I can share, I can tell you what I’ve done in the past (and currently).

Using a product like Notion or Podio, create a single point of truth for your CMs to use when answering product-specific questions, one space for each product/service/offering, etc. 

From there, it helps to build out FAQs and template responses your team can use when those questions come in. (These can also be automated or saved as quick replies if you’re using Case Management!) I also like to develop an ethos for how we respond to questions, and for me, that principle is “how would I want someone to respond to my mother if she asked this question?”.