Best way to collect data on total Reels views since Sprout doesn't give that, it only gives first plays

  • 28 June 2024
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My team is trying to figure out the best way to collect total Reels views for Instagram and Facebook for reports. Sprout only gives first plays which is not what my leaders want to see. For us the difference between first plays and total views (what the native app says) are literally millions. I was wondering if anyone has found a good tool for pulling this data outside of Meta Business Suite?


Best answer by bcoffron 10 July 2024, 17:01

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Hi there @bcoffron, can you share this product feedback in our Ideas forum so I can pass it along to our product team? (and get some community upvotes to help our case)

Thank you!

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So right after I posted it Sprout announced that they are reporting total views now which is what we needed.