📣 Tell us your thoughts on the potential of Artificial Intelligence in social

  • 27 April 2023
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Let us know want you think on the question below…


6 replies

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I think there’s a huge opportunity here, not for AI to do our work, but to help make administrative tasks or busy work more efficient, freeing up time for social media managers and marketers to focus on strategy and creative work. I think the early adopters who experiment with it and learn how it can be woven into their processes will benefit immensely from it. Low hanging fruit — I think it can help with alternative text.

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I agree @Jenny Fowler, I’ve used it for things like alt text and creating additional caption options in Advocacy. Here’s another question I’ve been asking @Jonathan Zuluaga a lot lately, what are some of your favorite prompts you use?

What are your thoughts here @manda @chelsea.mcdonnell @kzsmith @jeff.macdonald @loren.siegel ?

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@LauraPorcincula, I have to admit I don’t use it enough to have favorite prompts. But my favorite question I asked it was to create a bio of me. It was so interesting to see what I was connected with on the internet. It was not accurate, but it was fun!

Very much agree with @Jenny Fowler here! I’ve been digging into how AI can help my team and I build efficiency and just supplement our work overall. Can AI help us improve our writing for SEO? Can it help us repurpose content, whether that’s reframing our writing or reworking video content? 

I also think AI could play a role in copyediting, particularly when it comes to shortening copy and conveying the same messages in a more concise way. All that’s to say, I don’t have clarity for exactly which tools we’ll use and how yet, but we are doing research to see what we might want to explore!

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Our agency is adopting AI across every department, an initiative I’m leading, and so far the results have been pretty eye opening. 

To onboard the agency in a fun way, we held a competition for the best movie poster and description created with Midjourney and Chat GPT. We held a vote and an award ceremony with cash prizes and we had solid participation.

The biggest win is that people across the agency are still using AI in their everyday work flows currently. It’s amazing to see Strategists using it for research and finding trends, creatives are using it to make better and faster comps.

For social, I’m using it to analyze social listening data and comments I scrap from TikTok. I also use it to distill large amounts of information given to us by clients. It’s also great for creating creative thought starters from briefs you make and even using it to make your briefs better.

I’ve newly accepted that AI from a creative standpoint is here to stay and that as marketers and content creators, it’s time to learn how to use it to our advantage from an inspiration, speed, and cost efficient realm. I’m super excited about the ways that it will help us create more impactful content faster and help clients social media efforts hit their goals with more accuracy than ever before.