What data are you tracking?

  • 13 June 2023
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For years now we’ve been tracking impressions, engagements, engagements by type, engagement rate, clicks, and click through rate for our organic content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Lately it seems like META is reporting data out differently and so our data tracking is off.  We have more impressions out of the blue and then a giant drop.

So what metrics do you think are best to use?


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For me, this depends on 1) what type of content I’m sharing and 2) what the KPI for each piece/type of content is, and I use Sprout tagging to keep track of 1 so I can measure 2.

For instance, if I’m sharing a blog post or press release, I want to track CTR. Are people reading this? So I’ll tag it “blog” and then filter my reporting accordingly. If I’m sharing a piece of content to drive engagement, Engagement Rate is my most important metric.

Monthly, I watch to see if our impressions and audience are growing, remaining stable, or falling, and if they’re falling, have we put out more or less content compared to the previous date range. That gives me a sense of audience fatigue/engagement.