Fake "Permanent Deletion" Messages

  • 28 November 2023
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Hello, our Facebook page has been receiving an influx of spam private messages stating our profile is “of permanent deletion. We have received a report indicating that your page violates copyright.” We keep reporting the spam to Facebook, but we keep receiving them. Has anyone else experienced this and how have you managed it?


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Hello, we have received similar messages to our page. We have just been reporting them as spam for now. This is a great topic though. Would love to know if there is a more effective way of handling these messages. 

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I was just talking to a team member about this today! Yes, we’ve had a HUGE influx.

We’ve been reporting and banning. I have not found an easier way to handle these.

My bigger issue is that we have over 200 team members and I hope no one is clicking these links before our response team can report and block them. 


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@melissa.macgregor luckily, we are just a team of two, but I can’t believe there isn’t a better way to manage these. It’s just Facebook’s world and we are living in it 😅

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@alyssa.martelli Yes, I’ve also seen this! It seems like the only way is to just continue to ban and report. 

Yes, I have definitely been experiencing this! Such a pain

Even when I ban a user they still seem to come back. I have several customers that I manage and this is very time-consuming! So, I was told by a Sprout rep that “you could use an automated rules features which allows you to automatically hide or mark messages as completed based on rules established by you. For example, messages from profiles with 0 or 1 follower, or messages that contain a certain keyword or combination of words could be automatically marked as completed by the system, which would prevent manual work on your part.” You have to have the “Advanced Plan” account, though. I also hate it when someone (spam) tags you and you can’t remove it from Sprout, or maybe I’ve not found how to do that yet. Here is the link Sprout sent me - not sure if this is going to help anyone. Good Luck!

We have had this problem lately too. It was really bad end of January through Febuary and I was very stict about reporting and marking hoping it would help the filters and security alagoritm. Things seem to be getting picked up and filtered by Meta more quickly now but it’s a stuggle in the moment. My main concert is the reply comments on our Facebook to our page members. I try to delete and block those as fast as I can but I hope no one clicks those links or accepts the DMs for the spam/scams. 

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We’ve had this influx too. The spam I dealt with in January was 50% of 2023’s total 💀 (and I know this thanks to Sprout’s tagging feature! 😜)

The one solution there is to fully lock them out, it seems, it to prevent messages from other countries. We’ve found that nearly all of these spam messages are coming from non-US based accounts.

Unfortunately, if you’re dealing with an international client that wants to receive messages from around the world, you’re stuck with the spam.